CONVERSATIONS WITH ANIMALS: Animal Communicator Susan Hamlin to Speak in Kingston NY

Susan Hamlin, Saratoga Animal Whisperer, will present animal communication programs and private consults to celebrate the human-animal bond.

Online PR News – 08-April-2012 – Saratoga Springs, NY – Susan Hamlin, an animal communicator and Reiki Master Teacher based in Saratoga Springs NY will present two workshops about using intuitive communication to talk with animals on Saturday, April 14. On Sunday, April 15, Susan will provide private readings for people to communicate with their animal friends.

The workshops will offer an inside look at the work of an animal communicator, funny and wise animal stories, and tips for people to deepen the connection with their animal companions.

“Like animals, people are hardwired to do this,” Susan notes. “Animals are sending us thoughts, pictures, emotions and even words all the time. By learning to listen from the heart, we join an incredible world of shared wisdom. When people experience the inner lives of animals in their own words, it’s like discovering the beauty of a coral reef under the surface of the sea.”

• Location: Whispered Dreams, 42 Crown Street Kingston NY. (845) 481-4115

• Two workshop times: Saturday April 14, 11:00am-2:00pm and 2:30pm-5:30pm. Cost: $60.

• Private readings: Sunday, April 15, half-hour readings starting at 1:00pm. Cost: $50.

• Pre-registration is required. Call Whispered Dreams at (845) 481-4115.

“Animal communication is the underground peace movement,” Susan says. “Once we see and sense the world through an animal’s eyes, everything changes. Sharing the truth of our hearts, we awaken to our own humanity.”

Note: Participants are asked to leave animals at home. People can bring photos of their animals, or a physical description for the reading.

About [Susan Hamlin] Susan Hamlin grew up with a deep connection with animals. her background includes training with pioneer animal communicators Dawn Hayman and Penelope Smith.

Susan is a professional Animal Communicator and Reiki Master Teacher who communicates with animals intuitively to create holistic solutions to behavioral and health concerns, and support transitions. She works with horses, dogs, cats and all species. Susan offers Skype/phone consults worldwide, barn calls and classes in Animal Communication and Reiki. She publishes a free eNewsletter "Animal Trax eNews."

In her spare time, Susan helps rescue and rehabilitate horses, supports animal-friendly legislation, and continues to deepen her understanding of animals and healing as a student of Jock and Ivana Ruddock's The Equine Touch™ and The Canine Touch™, and Eden Energy Medicine.

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