Mike Sunderlin Explains How To Master Guitar Theory At Mike’s Guitar Talk

Mike Sunderlin, creator of Mike’s Guitar Talk, has released a new blog post that explains guitar theory, intervals, and scales. Guitar players will learn how to master intervals on the neck of the guitar.

Online PR News – 09-April-2012 – Corona/CA – Mike Sunderlin, creator of the guitar information blog Mike’s Guitar Talk, has released a new post featuring a guitar lesson about guitar theory. The video that Sunderlin has provided offers tips about guitar theory, intervals, and scales. Sunderlin has provided this post to guitarists interested in learning more about guitar theory, so they may advance their own playing. Sunderlin’s post is available to all readers at http://mikesguitartalk.com/2012/04/how-to-master-guitar-theory.html.

“Guitar theory usually scares away most players,” Sunderlin says, “But it’s an important lesson that will help out your guitar playing tremendously.”

“Mastering guitar theory isn’t a necessity,” Sunderlin says, “In fact many of the most prominent guitarists in music history only had a basic understanding of guitar theory.”

“I found a video that explains guitar theory, intervals and scales in a very clear and simple way,” According to Sunderlin. “The information available in this video should help you move around the neck of the guitar much easier.”

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About Mike Sunderlin and Mike’s Guitar Talk
Mike Sunderlin is a musician that hopes to share his experience with guitarists all over the world. The guitar information that Sunderlin releases will benefit guitar players of all ages and skill levels.

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