The Tinley Park SportStation Teams Up With Schutt’s Ion 4D And Utilizes Its TPU Cushioning

Football is one of the toughest sports out there. With grueling games and hard hitting competitors it is important for players to stay safe, and the central place to keep out of harm’s way is the head.

Online PR News – 06-April-2012 – Tinley Park, Illinois – Football is one of the toughest sports out there. With grueling games and hard hitting competitors it is important for players to stay safe, and the central place to keep out of harm’s way is the head.

With concussions, cracked skulls, and brain damage it is vital to find the right football helmet. With so many companies using foam padding in their helmets, their head gear is acting as insulation trapping excess heat and breaking down easily. The Tinley Park SportStation has teamed up with Schutt’s Helmets to feature their Schutt Ion 4D helmet that knocks out all the competition.

The Ion 4D has a sleek aggressive shell style while also using a wedge energy faceguard and state of the art thermoplastic urethane cushioning, or TPU cushioning. This helmet absorbs and dissipates the force of impact from any tackle or collision while still keeping the traditional sharp helmet style. TPU cushioning outperforms foam products in three main sections; impact absorption, heat management, and hygienic technology. SportStation President Jim Garner had much to say on the topic of youth sport protection.

“The Station provides an abundance of Youth Football Helmets through our company” Garner notes. “So the prominence of safety in our products is extremely necessary when keeping the younger athletes safe. It is proven that the Ion 4D allows 45 percent more impact absorption than foam helmets, so we had to supply this product!”

Another aspect that many do not put into consideration is heat management. The Ion 4D maintains the heat management even for older athletes in need of a quality High School Football Helmet. Inside a football helmet during practice and games the temperature can rise to 115° in some cases and drop to 50° during colder weather. This may cause foam helmets to break down and deteriorate creating a soft mushy material in the helmet, and during cold temperatures the foam can feel like a brick.

This TPU technology maintains heat by form fitting the helmet with open sides to allow cool air to circulate. Excess heat escapes through the top of the head and in order for the body to cool itself the helmet must ventilate like the Ion 4D.

This helmet doesn’t have a compression set like its foam competitors either. With foam helmets conforming to the head, the moment the athlete start’s playing in the helmet the foam material has already started breaking down. The SportStation also supports the Schutt Ion 4D because this helmet has no break in period, it is ready for performance instantly thanks to the TPU cushioning.

Another great reason to use the Ion 4D is it protects against mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria, making this product a step above the rest. This helmet also has a uniquely strong faceguard design. This eliminates vertical support bars on the helmet opening the player’s view of the field from sideline to sideline.

“We support this product here at the SportStation; with advanced technology in faceguards, cushioning, and shell design this helmet is perfect for any athlete” Garner explains.

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