iMandarin Language Training Institute makes Learning Chinese Easier.

iMandarin Language Training Institute opens new campuses in Chengdu and Congqing. The institute offers the best and most comprehensive training for Chinese Language courses in the country.

Online PR News – 06-April-2012 – Shanghai – Shanghai, China – iMandarin Language Training Institute has now opened two new campuses in Chengdu and Chongqing. This has made it one of the highest Chinese language training institutions, with 10 campuses in China. The institute offers students an opportunity to learn Chinese language and understand its intricacies.
Established in 2003, the institute is well known in the country and has grown in credibility among many academics for its professional, efficient and excellent teaching facilities. In the last 7 years, the institute has taken in more than 20,000 students, from all over the world, seeking to learn Chinese. The institute offers the best and most experienced teachers, established campuses, comprehensive study material and professional techniques to help students, business professionals and entrepreneurs to learn the language.
The institute has been credited by Lonely Planet as “your first stop in quality Chinese Training” and has also been named among the Top 10 Chinese Language Training Schools and Top 10 Best Chinese language Training Schools by the website Here’s China. An officially licensed school, it offers students the advantage of a wide range of Mandarin training programs specific to their needs. The institute provides professional services in personal training, professional training, and corporate training. The institute also offers customized training for cultural acclimatization and tuning of accents to help professionals enhance their career in China.
The iMandarin Language Training Institute has a team of highly qualified and professional language experts who contribute to designing a unique and comprehensive curriculum. The institute publishes its own text and study materials and has a presence across more cities in China than any other academic institution. The institute also offers campus and accommodation facilities to help students and professionals from other countries.
The institute has gained global renown in recent times. The language itself, has achieved central positioning with Sasha Obama, the daughter of United States President Barack Obama, speaking to Chinese President Hu Jintao in native Chinese.
Frank Zhu, Chief Operating Office of iMandarin has even extended the offer to President Barack Obama himself. He says, “We’re now inviting Obama to start learning Chinese language skills so he can do the same. In fact, we’ll make the official offer to him via Google+ today.”
This is seconded by Ariel Shi, a veteran Chinese teacher, who says, “Due to his prestige and grandeur, Mr. Obama should only know how to learn Chinese from the best. We are certified by the Education Berea and were recently endorsed by Lonely Planet guides.”
The institute offers all details of its courses online at The website can be accessed by individuals interested in learning Chinese in the best possible manner. The quality of the customer service will ensure that students are provided clear answers to any queries regarding the course. These factors have been vital to the developing popularity of the institute as the top Chinese Language Instructor in the market.