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Darryl Kenebrew, author of the book “Awareness- Self Expressions of Life,” a business process consultant and life coach veteran of more than 15 years, has recently released a self-improvement website aptly titled “Self Improvement Life Coach.” His website’s features include his blog, directories for other coaches to market their services, as well as an Ask-a-Coach corner where anyone may ask questions. His goal is to help more people receive the support they need by providing a self-sustaining hub of information where coaches and their clients may freely interact.

Online PR News – 17-February-2010 – – Many successful people attained the career goals they have set early on. They’ve gone through the whole gamut of working hard, overcoming several stumbling blocks, perhaps nearly quitting at some point in time, and eventually pulling through and celebrating their success. Success stories all go differently- some had it easy, some underwent tumultuous times, yet any success story always begins with the same question: How do you reach your potential? At this stage, someone with a sincere desire to help you achieve more can help you answer this question. At heart, this is what Business Process Consultant and Life Coach Darryl Kenebrew has been doing for more than 15 years.

Darryl is the author of the book “Awareness – Self Expressions of Life”. He is launching his new website Self Improvement Life Coach, focused on providing self improvement resources to help you realize your unlimited potential. His website is one of the many ways he reaches out to those who need his advice and expertise. Anyone can ask him questions on life coaching, business process improvement, self improvement, and personal development on the Ask the Coach page. He welcomes the points of view of fellow personal coaches and like-minded professionals, by providing them a submissions space in his website where they may share their knowledge with others and market their services for free. In conjunction to this, he also provides a coaching directory for other coaches to list their businesses- which he offers free of charge for the first six months. Visitors are also welcome to leave feedback for the continuous improvement of the website on the Contact Me page. Lastly, Darryl’s Life Coach Blog will keep readers updated on new developments to the site.

The passion to help others succeed was kindled at an early age for Darryl. In grade school, he started going to community centers, hospitals, and homes to share his gift of singing to people in need. He offered them kind words and listened to their problems, hopes, and dreams. Doing so fueled his own desire to help himself. He started his first business at 13, kept on until he hit his stride with his own consultancy business in 1996. Then he hired his own life coach in 1998 when he was enjoying so much success.

His Life Coach helped him to get organized and centered on personal issues in his life that went unchecked and unnoticed. His Life Coach helped him to be where he is in life right now. And he is grateful for the experience.

His business experience gives him insight to those who have attained similar success:

• 12 years of Business Process Consulting
• 15 years as a Self Improvement Practitioner
• 20 years of Research and Technical Writing in many business fields
• Professional Certified Life Coach (CPC)

The only limits in life are what you set in your mind by what you believe. However, the best chance for success is to identify individual needs and subsequently customize a solution to meet them. For this to happen we need someone in our life to

• Provide insight on ourselves;
• Hold us accountable;
• Give us inspiration.

A Life Coach’s support is the stimulus that will bring you success. Checkout my website today! We are consistently new and relevant quality content.

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