Latin Heritage Foundation Releases New Book Written By Outstanding Writer Armando de Armas

Gualdo Hidalgo, Latin Heritage Foundation Publisher, Announces the Release of the Book Los Naipes en el Espejo (The Cards on The Mirror) by Acclaimed Writer and Journalist Armando de Armas.

Online PR News – 06-April-2012 – Washington. Nj – With this essay, the author tries to take the United States’ political debate to its origin, from where it should have never departed: the point of the intellectual analysis sustained on the marketing of the ideas, not in the use of demagogy.

De Armas unwraps many of the myths associated with the evolution of the Democrat Party and positions himself in the tradition of modern conservatism that starts as a movement of intellectual dissidents against the left-handed domination within the academic, editorial realm and the media; tradition that the author takes with the strength that the control of a precise prose grants and the theoretical line of argument sustained not only in history or politics, but also in philosophy, religion, psyche, and anthropology.

Among the author’s dismantled myths is the defense of the civil rights as a merit of the democrats, information on hand shows how the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was approved by Congress by a majority of the Republican vote. It is also noted that Lincoln and Martin Luther King were republicans and that the KKK was supported by the southern elite of the Democrat Party.

Similarly, de Armas dismantles common ground where the democrats seem to be the party of the poor, the progressive and the immigrants.

De Armas concludes the essay with a close up to the figure of Barack Obama, departing from English colonial history, religion and psychology, in order to explain some of the president’s positions not only on the ideological realm, but also on the traditional values that shapes the American nation.

Armando de Armas has written many books that have been translated to several languages; its theme exhibits the defense of the individual identity. The author was imprisoned for his political ideas, escaping from jail and later, on his second escape, fled from Cuba in 1994, spectacularly hunted down with open gunfire, helicopter and naval persecution by the communist regime. Today, he is the president of the PEN-Club in Miami, where he resides.

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