Affiliate Investigator X Web Release

A new internet marketing website has been released for an upcoming product launch for affiliate investigator. This website is counting down to launch day and includes a full review of this new internet marketing product planned to hit the internet on april 9th.

Online PR News – 06-April-2012 – Salt Lake City Utah – Theres a brand new internet marketing product being released Monday April 9th, 2012 at 9:01 EST and is said to bring the internet marketing world by storm. They've coined the name of the product "Affiliate Investigator." A new website has been created to track the release of this product day by day as well as offering some crazy bonuses for those that purchase. The main idea of the new blog is to help those searching for this product make a decision on whether it may be a product they can benefit from.

The website includes a comprehensive review of affiliate investigator and tells a little bit about the man that created the product, an ex cop by the name of CM Jones from Texas. Some of the bonuses within the website include a free ipad drawing giveaway to the first 20 people that buy the product. This affiliate website is also offering one on one email support for the next 60 days to help those that purchase use the product to it's full potential and help people succeed in the online business world. A very compelling price has been included inside Affiliate Investigator X to give customers a chance to try the product before they step forth with the investment to buy.

Some amazing incites have been included to help people succeed in internet marketing. “I understand exactly where you're at and I want to provide the tools and knowledge for you to succeed.” Not only does Affiliate Investigator X offer a product in which they get paid a commission on but they show that they truly care about their customers because the online world can be daunting when you first begin your first online business. There are so many products being sold online for people searching “internet marketing” and “how to make money online” but how can you guarantee these websites aren't just out to get your money.

The biggest contribution this website provides is letting it's visitors no that there is no get rich quick method and that anything worth going for is going to take hard work and dedication.

The Affiliate Investigator X website took a review from the primary affiliate investigator website and told the story of CM Jones and how he got into internet marketing. The story includes many of the problems we face everyday and how he overcame these issues by taking action. He has now taken his full proof formula from his trial and errors and created a video series and software to help speed up the process for his loyal customers.

The website will keep being updated before the launch this upcoming monday. They plan on adding a bonus page, coupon page, and adding to their comprehensive review as more information is gathered.