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Online PR News – 05-April-2012 – Atlanta, GA – Why internet marketing?

Some facts:
• The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) found that the number of people online worldwide is more than 2 billion, with 226 million people coming online for the first time in 2010 alone. The market research firm IDC predicts that 2015 will see an incredible 2.7 billion people worldwide online.
• Even if just marketing locally, Internet World Stats estimates that more than 245 million people were online in the U.S as of June 2011.
• reported in July 2011 that more than 72 percent of online users in the U.S. alone would have shopped online that year.
• But perhaps the most salient fact is this: according to TMP Direction Marketing, in 2009, almost two out of three Internet users surveyed said they used local Internet search as their primary source of local business information.

Cutting back on other less effect forms of marketing and applying those dollars might be better used to help bring more visibility to a business website. Here are three additional reasons why a business needs to hire a internet marketing company today.

1) A Business can measure how Internet marketing is working in great detail.

Many businesses don’t track internet activity. US Image Design will advise a business on how to track:
• When a call comes through the internet
• Which pages are visited the most
• How long a visitor stays on the website
• Which pages a visitor click
• How many clicked on an ad or a link
• How many visitors become “users”
• How many “users” became buyers
• And so on.

The amount of detailed information US Image Design will present to a business after a website analysis pertaining to visitors is little short of incredible. More importantly, this information is a detrimental part of tweaking a company’s offerings to better attract the perfect buyer, which can be done at a pretty affordable price.

2) Internet marketing can help a company shorten the sales cycle.

Internet marketing allows a business to attract the “perfect customer.” Done properly, Internet marketing can help market to just those people who are interested in offers services right now! US Image Design will develop a system that will niche down to the narrowest of demographic, geographic and even psychographic (perfect customer’s personality, values, attitudes and interests) markets. This then allows the company to shorten the sales cycle because most people who visits, will be doing so strictly because of the company product/services. To some degree, they’ll already be qualified buyers.

3) Business Owners find that the cost of getting leads will decline precipitously.

A 2010-2011 survey by HubSpot (a maker of Internet Marketing software), found that companies using Internet marketing to attract prospects discovered that they had a 62 percent less cost per lead than traditional “outbound” (newspaper ads, Yellow Pages, etc.) marketing techniques.

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