Government Grants Hidden Deals Exposed By Free Government Grant Website

Ways to submit successful government grant applications divulged in simplified online service.

Online PR News – 05-April-2012 – Fort Worth/Texas – Brian Howard, owner of a free government grant website, intends to demonstrate there’s more to the government grant application process than what meets the eye. In fact, the very first page of the site challenges visitors’ existing knowledge, while boldly proving people simply don’t know how to take advantage of what’s already on the request form.

Says Howard, “It’s no secret that applying for a free government grant can be a long and tedious process. It can be so long and tedious, in fact, people tend to give up before they’ve truly started. In doing so, they never fully discover the hidden gems inside government grants. At Crowes Nest, we cut to the chase and put those gems out there in plain sight.”

Crowes Nest’s main objective is to reveal tremendous deals and show visitors how to increase their chances of getting a federal grant. It points to how recipients can use government grants to pay for business costs, education, professional training, and more. It additionally points to how individuals can take advantage of current circumstances to get the grant that’s most appropriate for them.

“There are grants available for specific kinds of people,” explains Howard, “and yet people are completely unaware of it. Our website shows small business owners, students, women, minorities, and more how to capitalize on their current status. Crowes Nest is available to everyone – for everyone.”

The site exposes grants available from both state and federal government agencies, and then describes in detail how applicants can find a matching grant and submit an application. “There’s a specific process that people have to follow,” says Howard. “That’s one of the secrets that a lot of people dismiss. We show people how that process can make the difference between an award and a rejection.“

To help access available funds, Crowes Nest walks visitors through a step-by-step procedure by teaching those seeking a grant what the government wants to hear. “It’s the only way to get an award,” says Howard. “Through Crowes Nest, people can identify and declare the purpose of the grant sought, and ensure their application is properly categorized so that it isn’t just thrown away.” is a free grant information website dedicated to helping people get free information about government grants.

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