Fibles : 10-Minute Children’s Bedtime Stories for modern-day kids!

Into our “There’s not enough time!” world comes Fibles, a new collection of modern-day children’s bedtime stories, told through a cast of loveable animal characters who are chatting, tweeting, texting, and much more.

Online PR News – 05-April-2012 – Mesa, AZ – Fibles is Cookietwist’s first production and is published by Mill City Press. The children’s bedtime stories of Fibles are about the untruths that may befall them in their lives, and the ensuing outcomes of their actions. Fibles are quick-reads, entertaining, and make educational points covering such topics as hope, curiosity, naivety, inventiveness, and truth in a time quality manner for both children and adults alike in today’s modern world.

“Exceptional, creative and a lot of fun to read…I’ll be reading these stories time and time again.”
- David Atteberry

Author M.R. Everette was a “terrible two” child growing up and had to learn the lessons of hope, curiosity, naivety, inventiveness, and truth the hard way. M.R. Everette went on to survive the “terrible two” era and graduated from Arizona State University, becoming a marketing director, web designer, and author. Have fun and read Fibles aloud!

Fibles is available in Paperback and EBook formats at and all online retailers.
ISBN: 978-1-937600-76-1
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