New York City Computer Security Training Courses Offered by Academy of Computer Education

The New York City job market is tough, but having the right IT security training makes an IT tech more employable. Academy of Computer Education offers advanced security computer training courses to individuals, companies, government agencies, and military personnel.

Online PR News – 04-April-2012 – New York City, NY – An IT tech in New York City has a difficult job keeping up with the worms and viruses that are being created every day. Keeping a system secure is an intense job which requires advanced educational training. With all the advancements in modern cyber- crime, it is no wonder the IT personnel have to constantly upgrade their knowledge. New York City is one of the most populated cities in the entire United States. Because of the bustling nature of this city, it is the head for finance, fashion, technology, and art among other things.

As an IT professional in New York City, it is imperative to have certain training to add to a resume. In a job market already in poor shape, the one who has the extra certifications, especially in security, will be noticed. One certification that most employers are looking for is the CEH, or Certified Ethical Hacker. This training will allow the IT person to experience all scenarios and be prepared for viral attacks. Corporations are paying top dollar to their IT personnel who have this training, because they can identify any weak areas in the hardware or software prior to being released. Someone who has this extensive training can identify a bug or potential dangerous area before it becomes a problem.

Basically, technical specialists who take the Certified Ethical Hacker training program learn how to be a hacker themselves. They scan the software and hardware. Their ultimate goal is to look at the program as a hacker and identify how to get past security and get in to areas to cause damage.

The New York City job market is tough; but having the extra training makes an IT tech more employable. Academy of Computer Education has been providing computer certification training to people, companies, and military agencies since 2001. These courses are offered onsite or online, and are designed into modules that break the material down into logical lessons that are supplemented with hands-on labs. Over the past few years, ACE has received major international awards for the quality and volume of training that they provide to people all across the world. For more information on New York City IT training courses, visit ACE’s website or call (877) 564-8724.

ACE offers classes for many of today's most in-demand IT certifications. ACE offers small class sizes, hands-on computer training, flexible schedules (Days, Weekend or Evenings) and affordable pricing with financing if needed. Since 2001 we have been providing open enrollment classes to individuals and custom training classes and on-site classes to companies and government agencies.

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