Paintball Sniper Site announced the launch of a new website

Due to the ever expanding growth and popularity of the sport of paintball, Paintball Sniper Site has launched a new website focusing specifically on paintball sniper rifles sniper upgrade kits, and sniper packages, along with related sniper gear and accessories.

Online PR News – 17-February-2010 – – Riverton, UT, February 16, 2010 –
The sport of paintball is quickly becoming one the most popular and fastest growing, non mainstream sport in country. Not even a decade ago there were just a handful of paintball markers – all models being just about the same. Since the sport has grown so much and the way it is played has changed in last 10 years there has been an ever growing need for different types of paintball guns.

It started off with the standard gas pump pistols that could hold no more than 10 shots.
Today there are very sophisticated pistols and rifles in both semi and fully automatic varieties. Paintball sniper Site will be launching a website that will focus on a particular type of gun called a paintball sniper or airsoft sniper rifle. A sniper rifle has a flat line barrel that is slightly curved and puts backspin on the paintball. This causes the paintball to fly through the air in a straight line, rather than in an arching pattern. This ability to shoot in a straight line can be invaluable especially from a far distance as pin-point accuracy is a must.
Paintball Sniper Site will sell a wide variety sniper rifles ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars in price. The site will also feature sniper kits or packages, as they are known, that give the ability to upgrade existing paintball guns and convert them into sniper rifles. Paintball Sniper Site will offer the most popular models including Tippmann. Tippmann is considered the leader in Paintball gun innovation.

“Since technology continues to evolve at an astounding rate, Tippmann works hard to stay one step ahead. As innovators in the paintball industry, we revolutionized the game when we developed the first semi-automatic paintball markers.

In fact, because of our progress, Tippmann has made paintball one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and it's now more accessible and affordable than ever before.”
-Denny Tippmann Jr.

Along with Tippmann, Paintball Sniper Site will also offer BT, Spyder, T68, Smart Parts, and Trinity custom models.

For a listing of all available models and types sold or to find additional information about paintball sniper rifles, refer to the company’s website

With the launching of this new website, Paintball Sniper Site is aiming to give paintball enthusiasts a go to place for sniper related guns, kits, gear, accessories, etc. There are many thousands of paintball websites on the Internet, but few focus on specific and targeted types of paintball guns. Paintball Sniper Site is looking to be the leading provider of paintball sniper equipment.

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