2Speak Now Offering Program to Learn Shona Online

2Speak is proud to announce the launch of its new language learning software for those who wish to learn Shona. Considered one of the best language learning software programs available online today.

Online PR News – 05-April-2012 – N/A – 2Speak, an online language learning software company, has a wide variety of languages available to the public. They now have a complete and comprehensive package available for those who want to learn Shona. By utilizing this online source, people will learn Shona vocabulary, grammar, and phrases in such a way that learning is easy and fast. Once the language learning software program is completed, the individual will be able to speak without an accent and will also have a deeper understanding of the language as a whole.

This 2Speak language learning software will teach students to ask local natives virtually any question, share their feelings and ideas, talk about sports, events, meet and greet, and discuss daily life events with ease. One reason this is considered one of the best language learning software packages on the market is that all of the above can be completed in as little as two months.

The course to learn Shona is taught by native speakers. This allows students to learn the proper pronunciation skills they will need in order to remove any English accents. The course comes with portable audio which lets users take their audio course with them so they can practice their skills throughout the day. Audio is available for download into iPod, iPhone, Android, or any other Mp3 type device.

Another benefit to the 2Speak program is that it teaches adults in a manner that adults understand. The program is organized around concepts and ideas. This gives the student a much deeper understanding of each word and how it is to be used in proper conversation. For those wishing to learn Shona, this is learning concept is important as it creates the foundation of speaking the language as natives of the land speak it.

Another great benefit that those who wish to learn Shona will discover with this language learning software is the included access to the company's Shona social network. The online social network is a good way to speak and collaborate with others. Users can ask questions of each other, answer questions, and comfortably discuss the language with others who are interested in learning Shona. Users are able to find a conversational partner with just one click where they can practice with others who are on their path to learn Shona. This is accomplished through the integrated audio and video chat feature.

While the course is comprehensive, it is easy to use and to learn. It takes the student intelligently through all of the basic concepts. This includes topics such as the alphabet, numbers, colors, writing, and everyday vocabulary. It teaches words and phrases for food, shopping, money, art, clothing, and sports to name a few.

To learn Shona the easy way, visit the site and see for yourself why this is the best language learning software on the market today.