Paws4people launches therapeutic treatment centre-an ideal place for those in desperate in for love.

Paws4people is a foundation especially designed to serve both physically and mentally challenged; here people are made to interact with pet dogs keeping in mind a therapeutic strategy

Online PR News – 06-April-2012 – Veterans Affairs, VA – 4thApril 2012-W e often strive hard, make that extra effort in building relationships maintaining and nurturing them. However, very rarely do we think of doing so with a dog. Paws4people makes us realize that relationships can be everlasting both between two human beings and also between a human being and a dog.

Initially working on an informal and domestic level this website helps to bring about therapeutic care in the lives of those who are grieved or are in desperate need of love. The concept was first brought by a couple and their 12 year old daughter Kyria. She believed that her dog, a golden retriever could be used to help all those people who are without a dog. Sounds vague? This ideally means that a dog can be used to heal a person mentally .Paws4people is exactly what this is about. The idea of having this organization was based on making observations as to what kind of effect did pets, especially dogs, have on their owners.

Kyria and her parents observed that pets, rather pet dogs have miraculous effect on their owners during times of crisis. The two families that were considered for observation had just undergone deaths of their near and dear ones. However the presence of a pet dog in their household had made a huge difference to them.

After these observations, Kyria and her mother, and her father, Terry l.Henry took the biggest leap. They started to develop Paws4people.Soon after the Paws4people Foundation Complex was built .It is a complex that boasts of a joint family of both people and dogs. Provide shelter and medication this place has the potential to be every dog’s visit to paradise. The mentally and physically challenged people can find themselves working for this foundation .This will be benefiting them in two ways. While they can find peace and solace by interacting with the dogs, a chance to become employees and hence become independent is also offered to them.

There is also a provision for a senior supervised counselling room and rehab centre for all those who are in need to the therapeutic treatment provided by the dogs. For those who are counting there last minutes Paws4people have made sure that they spend their last few days in happiness. So, they have arranged for a special Hospice Inn for them.

You can also get to interact with a dog if you wish to by filling in a simple form that is available on their website. Although one must realize that the requirements for the treatment of patients is far greater than the number so that they can supply.

Most importantly you can help Paws4people in your own little way in three major areas. You can make a tax less donation on line through the website. You can mail your contributions as well on the address given on the website Also you can take part in a raffle and win exciting prizes.

Join the team of paws4people and help other live happily. Spreading love only brings back a lot more of it.

Mailing address-paws4people foundation
P.O Box 491
Round Hill V.A 20142 0491.