Executive Les Magsalay Fully Retracts Her “Soft Skills: Dealing with People You Can’t Stand” Series

The PMO Practice fully retracts publishing the series The PMO Practice Booklets: Best Practices. It was published in error.

Online PR News – 03-April-2012 – Los Altos, CA – The PMO Practice announced today they will not be continuing their Soft Skills Series and is retracting the articles currently released. Being new to this space, we unintentionally overlapped with existing material in the field and want to avoid any confusion and overlap going forward.

Released PMO Soft Skills Series:

1. The PMO Soft Skills: Dealing With People You Can’t Stand: The Grenade
2. The PMO Soft Skills: Dealing With People You Can’t Stand: The Sniper
3. The PMO Soft Skills: Dealing With People You Can’t Stand: The Whiner

About the Author:
Leslie O. Magsalay is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of The PMO Practice. She graduated summa cum laude with a Master of Science in electronic business management from Notre Dame de Namur University. She has received lifetime achievement awards for her work in portfolio execution and operations. As COO, Leslie led 6+ M&A program integrations for Fortune 500 clients with 2+ acquisitions. She identified/saved $5M CoGs (OpEx) in three months, which added $2.5M to the bottom line for a Fortune 500 client. In the PMO Practice Magsalay has delivered a content-rich enterprise and software solution that provides tools for portfolio management, budgets, and schedule and product lifecycle management.

About The PMO Practice:
The PMO Practice is a management consulting and executive coaching firm. The company provides executive advise, leads program execution and models operational excellence so companies can act more efficiently and effectively in scaling operations. Plan. Execute. Deliver. Effectively at The PMO Practice. Since its foundation in 2011, The PMO Practice successfully delivered 20 products over four product and service offerings (management consulting, books, and events such as conferences, seminars, workshops and speaking engagements.) As it continues to ramp up in 2012, PMO Practice will add a full calendar of conferences and an expanding suite of portfolio management and operations excellence products.