Send ‘Em To Hell gives disgruntled Americans a ‘voice’ in politics

This new online platform gives individuals and groups the opportunity to gain political clout during the 2012 campaigns

Online PR News – 04-April-2012 – San Diego, Calif. – San Diego, Calif. (March 27, 2012) - This election season, political junkies and Americans upset with the system are buzzing about the launch of the new online platform Send ‘Em to Hell (

This non-partisan platform gives left-wing, right-wing, and anyone in between the opportunity to purchase personalized “tickets” addressed to a specified politician, Congress member, big banker, or Wall Street CEO.

Once the order is submitted, Send ‘Em to Hell prints the ticket and mailing address, then mails it to the customer to send to the party of their choice. Accompanying each order is a disclaimer advising against making threats, which can lead to legal issues.

“I began researching political behavior and found that many Americans harbor strong political beliefs, but very few are able to express these beliefs and opinions through a direct channel,” said Kommander Ken, creator of Send ‘Em to Hell. “This creates more and more frustration and a feeling of helplessness. Now Americans can give voice to their frustration and send their politicians a ticket to Hell.”

Send ‘Em to Hell also offers a “Hall of Shame” forum, where visitors can publicly submit their rants and respond to others’ posts. There are leaderboards for the most despised in several categories, from Congress to those on Wall Street.

Tickets to Hell are available for $1.00 each, to send to a list of individuals, including the presidential contenders, Congress, Wall Street CEO’s, big bank executives and more.

“Send ‘Em to Hell is a place where Americans can ‘reclaim their voice’ and gain some peace of mind after being laid off from their jobs, filing for bankruptcy, or being incapable to claim retirement; all due to the lack of solutions coming to fruition during this economic crisis,” said Kommander Ken. “The 2012 political season is the perfect time to raise our collective voice and to be heard by everyone in Washington.”

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About Send ‘Em to Hell

With an online launch in early 2012, Send ‘Em to Hell ( hosts a platform and service for frustrated individuals across the nation to have their voices heard and their concerns addressed. The site offers “tickets to Hell” which can be purchased and sent to political players with rants, comments and opinions. Once tickets are purchased for $1.00 each, customers receive their tickets addressed with the individual or group specified and can send it out at their leisure.

Creator and CEO of Send ‘Em to Hell, Kommander Ken aims to “give the 99% a voice in the political process.”

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