Maars TV Launched

Maars releases a new internet and mobile phone based TV service that is free to all users.

Online PR News – 04-April-2012 – Vancouver, BC – Exdeus Inc. a social media and technology development company, announces, on behalf of Merchant World Service Inc.(MWS), the immediate launch of MAARS TV, a new internet and mobile phone based TV service, aimed at the growing market of households and users torn between their traditional television sets and computer/internet screens. Exdeus President, and MWS Founder, Michael Kapoustin states “ The persisting struggle for control of public viewership, between traditional television and internet based programming, is a battle where I strongly believe the internet will eventually emerge as the clear winner. After many months of exhaustive research and development, MWS, with the launch of its’ MAARS TV service, is poised to take advantage of and capture a significant share of the growing public shift from standard TV, to the internet.”
Mr. Kapoustin further stated that, “73 percent of the global population still doesn’t have Internet access, but this is quickly changing. As a result, over the next few months and beyond, the financial, and market share growth potential for MAARS TV and its’ related products, will be extremely dramatic. With the on-going and inevitable merging of internet and television services, it is critical that MAARS TV, an independent aggregator of video content, positions itself to take full advantage of these changes. This positioning and related strategic planning has begun.”
People are admitting they spend more and more time online, this according to the results of several international polls. An Ipsos poll conducted for showed 68% of adults with internet access, are watching more and more online television. Surveying more than 23 countries and 24,000 adults, the majority responded by saying they spend more time during the week on the Internet than watching TV.
Initially, MAARS TV is being introduced as an aggregator of existing live TV video streams, much in the same way that has successfully done with blogs and videos. MAARS TV channels will be offered according to language, content, and country. In the very near future, MAARS TV will also allow its’ Users to create their own special interest broadcast channels through the MAARS vTweetIT portal, as well as watch movies on demand. All of these features, and more, are scheduled to be added to the MAARS suite of internet and mobile applications.
Mr Kapoustin also stated that “…currently there are about 20 major players in the live streaming video market. However, these competitors have only the single market vertical of live streaming video. MAARS NET was conceived and has been created within a growing technological platform, allowing for multiple verticals, in the same way as Google’s business model. This provides MAARS with a huge offering advantage over these existing competitors.”