Dr. Alan H. Siegel of ProClinix Opens an Office at THE GYM Armonk

THE GYM Armonk now offers members and visitors the Total Wellness Experience

Online PR News – 16-February-2010 – – Armonk, N.Y. – (January 28, 2010) – In an on going effort to encourage Westchester County residents to make educated decisions concerning their personal health, THE GYM Armonk is please to announce their recent collaboration with Dr. Alan H. Siegel of ProClinix. ProClinix is now offering fee-based physical therapy, nutrition and chiropractic services to both members and non-members of the health club. With natural health therapies, nutritional assessment, spa services, and personal training, this partnership continues to expand THE GYM Armonk experience into an all-inclusive wellness facility.

ProClinix provides professional sports and orthopedic physical therapy, cold laser therapy, chiropractic and nutritional services. This collaboration invites all clients of Dr. Siegel’s to utilize THE GYM Armonk for the day regardless of membership. ProClinix was founded and is directed by Dr. Alan H. Siegel who has worked with fitness facilities in the past, in addition to working as the Director of the Neuromusculoskeletal Department at the Fifth Avenue Comprehensive Medical Center in Manhattan. The practice has been developed based on the foundation of providing outstanding patient care and achieving positive clinical outcomes.

“Our multi-specialty and team approach offers a unique combination of professional care and modalities for our patients,” said Dr. Alan H. Siegel who is now taking appointments for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at THE GYM Armonk.

ProClinix also specializes in post-surgical outpatient rehabilitation in addition to chiropractic assessment, treatment of the spine and neurological related conditions. Dr. Siegel, who has practiced integrative healthcare for over 13 years, believes in integrating multiple specialties and natural methods in order to achieve an overall state of well-bring. ProClinix professionals will asses each client individually, and will not treat a client unless they feel the therapy will achieve positive clinical outcome.

As an expert in sports injury rehabilitation, THE GYM Armonk is an ideal location for new patients; Dr. Siegel expects that the move will be mutually beneficial for both his practice and THE GYM Armonk. As a result of this collaboration, THE GYM Armonk now offers head to toe care encouraging optimal wellbeing for clients for inner and outer beauty. This new partnership has continued to enhance the fitness center’s goal of developing itself into a dynamic fitness and health center for members of the community.

“Our mission at THE GYM is to provide Westchester County with services that encourage both mental and physical health.” said Jamie Nicastri, general manager at THE GYM Armonk. “In our efforts to continue to develop as a full service wellness facility, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Dr. Siegel and his team, whose experience and expertise has proven to be a wonderful addition to our health club.”

In welcoming Dr. Alan H. Siegel into their facility, THE GYM Armonk is working with each client to improve their physical health, while also providing access to cutting edge treatments and knowledgeable advice that they can rely on. THE GYM Armonk is focused on continuing to develop as a facility that provides their customers with a complete health and wellness experience.

About THE GYM Armonk
THE GYM is a complete lifestyle and fitness center, designed to promote healthy living in a first class atmosphere. Its unique approach integrates total body conditioning and optimal fitness with individualized programs, a nutritional diet and the proprietary e3 Weight Management System. The health club’s regularly scheduled classes include a full slate of strength, cardio, dance and cross-training workouts. Amenities include a clothing boutique, juice bar, spa and child care center. The staff’s attentive service and the facility’s array of scientifically devised programs provide members with a state-of-the-art experience. THE GYM is located in Westchester County on 99 Business Park Drive, Armonk, N.Y. Please visit www.GetToTheGym.com or call (914) 219-1601.

About ProClinix
ProClinix provides sports and orthopedic physical therapy, massage therapy, cold laser therapy, chiropractic and nutritional services for patients, specializing in post-operative outpatient rehabilitation, sports injuries, sprains, strains, tendonitis, and spine related conditions. The company was founded and is directed by Dr. Alan H. Siegel in 1997, whose mission is to offer a unique combination of professional care and modalities for our clients. Unlike many professional offices that usually are of a single specialty, ProClinix combines physical therapy along with chiropractic care, which helps patient recover faster and prevent further injury. Dr. Siegel, who also practices in White Plains, NY, developed his business based on an integrated healthcare model and nutritional wellness. For more information contact Dr. Alan Siegel at (914) 202-0700 or admin@proclinixhealth.com.