Sly, Inc., (, is pleased to announce the expansion of local sales representation in the state of Texas.

Online PR News – 04-April-2012 – Strongsville, OH – Controlling the pollution of air from manufacturing processes is important. You need control and collection equipment you can rely on. SLY Inc. has been delivering technology for a clean environment for over one hundred years. Sly manufactures dust collectors and air pollution equipment that are tough, flexible, and reliable. We have served many businesses throughout the country, and now Sly Inc announces additional representation in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Some industrial processes produce a considerable amount of dust and dirt. This can not only affect the health and well-being of employees but can also cause harm to the immediate environment as well. In carrying out such operations, companies ought to try and minimize the impact they have on the environment. This is not just good corporate citizenship and social responsibility; it's also good business practice.

No company wants to spend time, energy, and money entangled in costly litigation over environmental damage it is accused of producing. The smart, strategic thing is to take measures to minimize the impact that one's industrial processes have on the environment. The same goes for the workforce of the business. In order to perform well a company needs healthy, productive employees; and part of attaining this goal is to have a clean and healthy workplace.

Sly Inc. offers one-stop shopping for all of your environmental needs. Sly Inc. produces a wide-ranging line of strong baghouses, industrial dust collectors, and much more. Our clean technology will keep your workplace environment running cleanly and efficiently. Sly holds the very first patent ever issued for cloth type dust collectors, and we have developed them into many applications ever since.

Unlike many air pollution control equipment suppliers, we do not mass-produce generic products. Our design and engineering teams use techniques which permit Sly to manufacture baghouses and dust collectors that meet specific client needs. But custom engineering does not mean higher prices. Our unique processes enable us to produce the best dust collection equipment without a significant rise in cost.

At Sly Inc. we are proud of the work we've done over the past century. And we are dedicated to continuing our tradition of producing high-quality clean environment technology. We design and manufacture dust collectors, cartridge dust collectors, baghouses, and envelope bag filters dust collectors; we also produce retractable loading spouts.

Sly Inc. is not like other manufacturers. All of our production is done in-house—no outsourcing here—so we are able to strictly monitor and control the quality of our products. This is important to us, as it should be important to you, because we stick our brand and reputation on every piece of equipment we manufacture. If you are looking for clean technology equipment of the highest quality and at a reasonable price, then you need look no further than Sly Inc.

Like most things nowadays the easiest way to find out more about Sly Inc. is to look us up on the worldwide web. Our website offers more about our history in clean technology. And it gives details of our products on offer.

Sly Inc. is a manufacturer of clean environment technology. We have served clients nationwide and SLY INC. ANNOUNCES ADDITIONAL REPRESENTATION IN the Dallas/Ft. Worth