UserGate Mail Server 2.1 - New Messages Management Algorithm

Entensys, the leading security solutions developer, announces the release of UserGate Mail Server 2.1.

Online PR News – 04-April-2012 – Leipzig, Saxony – UserGate Mail Server 2.1 is the solution to build safe corporative email service with embedded anti-spam and anti-virus modules. The product employs a modular structure, thus providing better fault-tolerance and the ability to run the server in a distributed system.

UserGate Mail Server 2.1 utilizes an updated messages management algorithm. New features added for user convenience: one can create a box name containing a space and include non-internal recipients to mailing lists. Web interface has been improved, e.g. it allows the uploading of a company´s logo on the first page of the web client, and more.

Message History now displays floating messages for the Status column. The new status "Partially delivered" has been added, meaning a message has not been delivered to one or more recipients.

Developers have done a great job improving the product´s performance and stability. Numerous users´ suggestions have been taken into account and implemented.

About the company:

Entensys is an international Internet security and e-mail security software vendor. Entensys´ products solve complex security concerns by continually addressing new security threats, as well as increase information protection and ensure corporate IT infrastructure reliability. Entensys offers an extensive range of outstanding information security services for today´s organizations, governments, commercial and educational.

About the product: