Roam4Less Mobile and PokeTALK Technologies Merge To Pave The Way For A Complete Telecom Ecosystem

Roam4Less specializing in roaming solutions via International Cell Phones & SIM cards, and PokeTALK a technology innovator in telephony services, have merged to form the company: eMobile Ecosystems.

Online PR News – 04-April-2012 – Toronto, CA – Roam4Less (, the leader in roaming solutions via international cell phone & SIM cards, and PokeTALK (, a technology innovator in telephony services, have merged companies with the vision to create a global ecosystem. The two entities will be jointly named eMobile Ecosystems.

“Two of the most frustrating areas in the industry are traveling and calling overseas. International travelers must deal with outrageous roaming charges and the hassles of keeping track of multiple SIM cards. Plus, if you want to call overseas, the fees are through the roof,” said Sruli Weinreb, eMobile’s COO. “The merger resolves both of these issues for our customers. E-Mobile turns global long distance roaming into local calls making international calls affordable without affecting quality. This ‘marriage’ of long distance and roaming will redefine the telecom industry.”

“We will be releasing services that will change roaming communications just like the SIM card changed mobility and the iPhone changed mobile Internet,” said Shai Genish VP Marketing. “Consumers are looking to deal with a company that can provide the full package and eMobile is now positioned to be the market leader. We are also putting a heavy focus on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Flickr) to communicate with our most important asset- our customers! The product we are most excited about is our upcoming ‘magic chip,’ which will eliminate all the hassles of roaming combined with our software technology ecosystem, it will be a game changer.”

eMobile serves customers in over 200 countries around the world with rates at least 80% less than standard roaming charges and less than half the cost of traditional international charges. Furthermore, eMobile has an exclusive partnership with Lenovo to distribute its applications in a range of devices including tablets, mobile phones, and computers. For example, all Ideapads and tablets currently have eMobile’s applications pre-installed, with another 30 million devices in the pipeline for 2012. eMobile is currently in the final stages of developing a custom Chinese only web site and has signed with a local Chinese entity to manage the operational aspects of the Lenovo partnership in China.

eMobile has further opened an R&D office in Jerusalem to lead the development of existing and new technologies in co-ordination with a software team based in Hyderbad, India. In the pipeline are a full range of mobile apps, including Blackberry for enterprise users and Windows 8, in addition to upgrades for the current iPhone and Android apps. The R&D team is comprised of a diverse group specializing in VoIP, online commerce, telephony network infrastructure and mobility communications, with team members originally from over 8 different countries.

Weinreb continued, “The merging of our two businesses is truly exciting. We look forward to building on each organization’s strengths, while focusing on common goals of supporting our clients' international telecom needs. Wireless adoption and cost is on the rise. In fact, wireless accounts for 30 cents of every telecom dollar spent by Enterprises”, according to AOTMP research. Weinreb points out, “As expense grows, the demand for cost containment and cost optimization increase. This merger brings a real financial opportunity for Enterprises to solve the problem of growing international wireless roaming costs and further optimize, over and above, what traditional contract negotiations can achieve on their own”.

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About eMobile

Headquartered in Toronto, eMobile Ecosystems’ mission is to further its contribution in the global telecommunications sector by developing and marketing unique communication technologies such as prepaid International cell phone service.

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