Seek Level Best Advice For Basements As Groundwater Takes Its Toll

The decline in traditional industry has had an unexpected result in some areas – with rising groundwater being blamed for flooded basements and properties in cities across England.

Online PR News – 17-February-2010 – – Rising groundwater levels have been reported in Birmingham, Central London, Liverpool and other UK cities since the 1960s, as the volume of water extracted by industry has reduced.

In Birmingham in particular, it is possible that rising groundwater has already been leading to flooded basements and managed pumping has had to be introduced in London to keep levels down.

However, while this highlights the need for specialist advice when converting basements, it should not prevent homeowners from creating dry, warm and habitable areas, according to national trade body, the Property Care Association (PCA).

Representing the structural waterproofing sector in the UK, PCA members can offer specialist advice to address the issue and ensure any basement conversions are successfully achieved from the start.

They can also remedy existing problem basements that currently suffer from flooding.

Steve Hodgson, deputy director of the Property Care Association, said: “Rising groundwater should not stop homeowners from considering a basement conversion, but it does highlight the need to consult a specialist to undertake the works.

“Just because an area is prone to groundwater flooding, this does not rule out the option of converting a basement room or cellar into a habitable area.

“What a basement designer must take into account is that water tables are not static – they fluctuate – and a long term view of the design is needed as groundwater levels can change over many years, as well as short term responses to heavy rain for example.

“Basement waterproofing systems need to be designed specifically for the property, taking groundwater levels into account, and this is why it is so important to use a designer who has specialist training and experience in this field.

“There is always a solution, even if a combined approach using combinations of different types of waterproofing and drainage is required.”

Noted for its training and technical expertise, the PCA is a member of TrustMark, the scheme supported by government to help property owners find reliable and trustworthy tradespeople to make home improvements.

The Association offers a free web-based resource centre for basement conversions

Pulling together a wealth of information online, including in-depth technical background data, case studies, a short video and images, the facility has already received thousands of visitors.

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The Property Care Association (PCA) represents the UK’s structural waterproofing, wood preservation, damp-proofing, flood remediation and structural repair sectors.

It incorporates the British Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing Association (BWPDA), which has been in formation for more than 75 years.

The PCA is a member of TrustMark the scheme supported by the Government, to help property owners find reliable and trustworthy tradespeople to make home improvements.

Its contractor members are all carefully vetted before being awarded membership - and are then subject to rigorous auditing procedures once admitted to the Association.

As well as delivering a trusted repair procedure, PCA members are able to carry out specialist surveys as part of the house-buying procedure to identify potential problems – as well as a range of other services designed to preserve and protect homes and buildings across the UK.

To find a PCA member log on to and select the ‘Find A Member’ service.

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