Served on a Silver Platter: Convert Records to CD with MAGIX

Digitizing analog media opens up a range of editing options for music enthusiasts: After transferring the music, they can edit and export it as an MP3 file and enjoy it on the go. MAGIX Rescue Your Vinyl & Tapes is the perfect package to convert records to CD because it includes the software application Audio Cleaning Lab as well as the hardware necessary for recording.

Online PR News – 16-February-2010 – – Convert records to CD and benefit from the many advantages. Digitizing analog media enables music enthusiasts to do much more than simply listen to their favourite records on go: Specialized programs that transfer your analog treasures to PC can also help avoid distortions. By, for example, using auto level control. Created by German multimedia software specialists MAGIX, Audio Cleaning Lab stands out as a classic among audio software applications and offers users a whole array of options for professional audio editing. "LP playback sometimes contains rumbling caused by floor vibration, static interference from old record players, or wind noise," says Dr. Ulrich Hepp, MAGIX Senior PR Manager. "In such cases, powerful audio tools such as MAGIX DeRumbler are needed to remove ambient noise and polish up your sound. For all those who are not fond of cleaning, Audio Cleaning Lab offers a 1-click quick solution that automatically restores sound."

Your Everyday Software: Convert records to CD and enjoy your music anywhere you go

According to the statistics portal, over 60 percent of all respondents regularly listen to music at leisure. Because we spend most of our spare time on the move, music we enjoy hearing day-to-day is increasingly turning into a mobile medium. While no one is waiting for a portable record player with an antishock tone arm, LP fans enjoy their mobility, too. For this reason, solutions that let acoustic and dynamic advantages of vinyl shine through, even when you're on the go, are always welcome. MAGIX Rescue Your Vinyl & Tapes goes beyond simply providing the tools required to record from LPs, restore sound and convert songs into MP3s. In addition to the multiple award-winning software application Audio Cleaning Lab, the package also includes the necessary hardware: With the included USB pre-amplifier, you can easily connect your record player to your PC. Just about anyone wishing to enjoy the warm LP sound on the go, not just the dedicated vinyl collectors, will be able to quickly transfer their analog music to PC and listen to it as an MP3. Convert records to CD with MAGIX: Simply the better way to listen to music.