Comedy Web site Announces Winner of 2012 “Foolies”

Award presented for best website April Fool’s Day prank

Online PR News – 04-April-2012 – United States – Boston, MA, April 03, 2012 -- From fake product launches to prank celebrity announcements, more websites staged April Fool’s Day pranks in 2012 than ever before. In honor of the greatest prank day of the year, comedy website conducted a reader poll to determine the funniest online April Fool’s Day prank for 2012. This year, the “Foolies” grand prize goes to tech retailer, for their fake product launch of “Keurig K-Cup 5 Star Meals.”

Dozens of sophisticated pranks were pulled off this year by major corporations, including Google, Sony, Toshiba, Kodak, and Honda. A sampling of ZUG reader favorites:

Kodak announced the ability to now print live kittens from its Picture Kiosks. Kittens available in glossy or matte finish.

Electronics retailer TigerDirect announced the “World’s First Home Nuclear Reactor.” Additional plutonium sold separately.

YouTube announced “The YouTube Collection,” the complete contents of their website on DVD. Shipping extra.

Late night host Conan O’Brien announced that he had bought out tech website Unlike recent rumors that CNN would buy Mashable for $200 million, O’Brien picked it up for $3500.

Google released several innovative April Fool’s Day pranks, including a retro-themed “8 Bit Google Maps,” and Google “Really Advanced Search,” which is even more confusing than their existing advanced search.

Each prank was posted to the comedy site throughout April Fool’s Day, with readers voting on each prank in terms of humor value and originality. In the end, it was tech retailer ThinkGeek’s new “product,” the “Keurig K-Cup 5-Star Meals,” that won over the audience.

ThinkGeek’s “5-Star Meals” extended the value of Keurig machines by allowing them to serve not only coffee and tea, but also liquid lunches. The hilarious prank video shows office workers enjoying a liquid sludge of donuts, corn dogs, or chicken wings out of their Keurig machine:

In recognition of this achievement, ThinkGeek will be receiving the "Foolie Award," a used bowling trophy with the previous winner scratched off, and the new winner pasted on. will also be sending ThinkGeek a box of delicious brownies, though it’s anyone’s guess whether they’re safe to eat.

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John Hargrave
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