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02/11/2009 offers many customized Minnesota CPR training programs. Their training programs are tailored to equip people with life saving first aid skills.

Online PR News – 11-February-2009 – – Rockford, Minnesota - A considerable number of cardiac related deaths can be reduced every year with proper CPR training. Are people really as helpless as it seems? No, they are not! There are a number of things that can be done to save people’s lives in case of any emergency, including cardiac arrest. The first thing is to call 911. It takes at least 3 minutes before the emergency responders arrive. In such cases, with knowledge and experience in CPR, the educated rescuer will increase the chances of saving the person’s life. Only when CPR is administered properly, can it help people. When CPR is not administered effectively or correctly, the outcome is less than positive.

People should not expect medical professionals and paramedics to be present in all emergency situations. At the same time, bystanders should not let victims die right in front of them without making any positive effort to save their lives. Therefore it is important that everyone is equipped with these life saving skills. It is the responsibility of employers to encourage their staff to undergo CPR training. By having people trained in CPR administration, they can hopefully avoid these types of deaths in the work place. Companies should come forward to conduct CPR training, AED training and first aid training camps for their staff is free of cost or at subsidized costs. This will increase workplace safety, and can bring insurance savings to the company. All major institutions are urged to share this responsibility of awareness and training.

Those who require Minnesota CPR training or Minneapolis CPR training for themselves or for their staff or students can visit American CPR & Safety provides all types of CPR, AED and first aid training programs in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They run customized training programs based on industry specific needs. They handle every possible first aid training program including Minnesota AED training, Emergency planning, Ergonomics, Eye care and safety, materials handling, office safety, respiratory and rigging safety, first aid certification and much more.

American CPR and Safety has over 25 years of experience in this industry. They are a group of well trained EMTs, nurses, and firefighters. Their level of experience and their dedication to increasing human safety makes them an ideal group for everyone who wants to train themselves, their employees or students in first aid CPR. All their Minnesota CPR training and Minneapolis CPR training programs are geared towards equipping people with the necessary CPR, AED and first aid skills.

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