Cloud Technology And A New Reality For Students: Distance Learning Trends Up In 2012

Researchers are claiming that cloud technology, mobile devices like smart phones and iPads, and growing acceptance by university faculty members have made 2012 a breakout year for distance learning. Distance Learning College Guide offers students online education resources.

Online PR News – 02-April-2012 – ATLANTA, Georgia – ATLANTA, Georgia, April 2, 2012 – Reports on the 2011 studies measuring the effects of technology on higher education are in, and the consensus is unequivocal: distance education at the college and university levels will become the new norm in 2012. This news, according to the latest Horizon Report, confirms that the evolution of cloud computing and revolutionary growth of electronic technology have finally taken distance learning out of the shadows and into the mainstream. Distance Learning College Guide offers new and returning students of all ages an online resource for finding the courses and accredited colleges and universities they need to achieve their academic goals.

An annual tally of tech trends in higher education, the Horizon Report confirms that mobile devices such as smart phones and iPods represent perhaps the most significant trends affecting distance learning followed closely by cloud technology’s burst into the mainstream. The report also found less resistance to distance learning coursework from most colleges and universities.

Other studies from across the U.S., Canada, and the UK concur with these findings, as a tough global economy has changed the way people work their educational goals into time and money management challenges. More students than ever before are working full time and depend on flexible class and study schedules to earn their degree or continuing education credits.

The Distance Learning College Guide is an online education resource for current and prospective students who are looking for information on various online degree programs, or working professionals who want to continue taking accredited courses online, through a host of colleges and universities that offer the courses they need.

Students anywhere can earn an Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate degree, or continuing education certificates from a choice of accredited online schools in the privacy of their home, or workplace. That means a student in Florida can take one or more courses from a university in California without ever needing to be in California.

The ability to telecommute opens up a world of possibilities for students who otherwise may not live near a college or university, can’t afford to quit working and go to school full time, or simply need to be able to study at their own pace. By earning a degree or taking college coursework online, the worries of balancing school with family, work, and other responsibilities is greatly diminished.

Distance Learning College Guide provides students with intuitive search tools to explore various online degree programs and get matched with fully accredited offerings in Education, Healthcare, Business, Technology, Liberal Arts, Law and more. Students can select a program of choice from some of the best accredited online colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, and UK. Additional researched information on the site also gives students a glimpse of what they need to know about a specific online program and what to expect if they enroll in that degree program through distance learning.

In its ninth year of publication, the panel of 43 experts responsible for the Horizon Report’s findings say they are scrutinizing and evaluating the growing cache of data to project future trends, and to plan ahead to keep distance learning courses comprehensive and valuable.

Deciding on a distance learning program that works for each individual’s needs doesn’t have to be difficult. Distance Learning College Guide is dedicating to helping students and working professionals earn a credible education online without giving up their current obligation. You can use the website to help you make an informed decision about your education.



Distance Learning College Guide offers current and prospective students, as well as working professionals, well researched and impartial information on a variety of accredited programs and certification courses. Coursework is available through campus-based schools, colleges and universities with online programs, to assist those trying to begin, complete or continue their education at the pace that fits their schedule and lifestyle.

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