Launches $1,000 Contest
04/04/2012 is up and running. In celebration of its official launch the site is running a $1,000 contest in the month of April.

Online PR News – 04-April-2012 – Salt Lake City, UT – After many months of working on the site, has officially launched. April 1, 2012 is the official launch date of the site. Management is so excited to present the site that it has decided to run a $1,000 launch contest. Every person that joins in the month of April will be awarded 1 free post, which can be used to post in any of four categories. The categories are love stories, funny stories, sad stories, and venting or complaining. For the posts receiving the most votes in each of these four categories the winners will be awarded $250.00 each.

The site owners have produced a video that is posted on YouTube called "Mike and Jenny meet on Todaychats," which can be found at The video shows the primary features of Todaychats and how users can benefit from their membership on the site. is a dynamic social network that pays its users for being there. The site has a goal to enroll 10,000 new members in the month of April, at which point it will begin its promotion activities. In the next several weeks the site will begin contacting past contacts, advertising on other sites, and working with affiliates to boost traffic to the site.

About is poised to become the primary source for social media giveaways. The innovative platform developed by Today Chats allows individuals the opportunity to share their personal, professional, or even fictional experiences and earn the chance to win money from those shared experiences. It has become clear that social media sites are popular and are here to stay. These sites may morph over time into new looks and new features, but there will clearly be some type of sharing opportunity for people. allows people the opportunity to share experiences, which is something that has become a daily occurrence for most people around the world. The unique difference though between the standard sharing of thoughts and Todaychats is that each person sharing an original thought will purchase the chance to publish their thought, be voted on by their peers, and ultimately win a prize if they receive the largest
number of votes.

Today Chats, LLC is an online social media website similar to the $4.27 billion dollar social media giant Facebook, although Today Chats is more revenue generation focused with its primary revenue stream of experience posting. Facebook has built itself on the premise that it was to be a non-commercial site for friends to come together and meet. Although there are many sites that provide similar functions as Facebook there are no existing sites that we have been able to locate that rewards individuals for chatting or sharing. Today Chats makes it simple enough for anyone to use the site that there is no requirement and no need to involve a substantial customer service or technical support team, although the site will maintain an outsourced staff of customer service agents to provide high level customer support when necessary. was developed as an online social media site that provides a reward for posting original and interesting content. Today Chats makes it people to post their original thoughts with a Facebook like look and feel. All that will be required of the seller is to register on the website and follow the wizard, which will lead them through the process of posting their first experience. is poised to become the primary source for social media giveaways. The innovative platform developed by Today Chats allows individuals the opportunity to share their personal or professional experiences and earn the chance to win money.

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