Lift & Stor Beds Launches Brand New Website

Lift & Stor Beds has a variety of products available for purchase on their website. From the original beds with storage to hidden beds and Do it yourself kits, they have a product for every decor need.

Online PR News – 02-April-2012 – Apache Junction, Arizona – Lift & Stor Beds provides a selection of one of a kind beds with storage, and even storage bed hardware and do it yourself kits for the handy house owner. With the Storage Bed, a unique creation from Lift & Stor Beds, owners can neatly tuck away many different items. Storage beds offer the distinctive benefit for being able to lift the mattress to access the items in the storage space, as an alternative to crawling beneath a bed, as was necessary prior to the creation of these unique and convenient storage beds. Lift & Stor Beds exclusive design also keeps stored products nearly dust and dirt free!

For the smaller areas, Lift & Stor Beds offers many Murphy wall beds. Murhy beds are nicely developed to appear like a cupboard while in the raised position, and are easy to customize with book cases, cupboards, drop kitchen tables or desks. With a durable locking feature to secure the bed to the wall, Lift & Stor Beds provide some of the most secure and most budget friendly wall beds out there!

Lift & Stor Beds even offers a wide range of choices for wall beds aside from Murphy beds. For those people who're looking for an added touch of character or extravagance, wall beds are the ideal product! Featuring a wood face that extracts down with the mattress, rather than the swing out and pull down form of a Murphywall bed, wall beds are among the best choices to use within a tight area. Lift & Stor Beds can assist buyers in design selections and build-it-yourself suggestions to make the multi functional room of their dreams. Customers only need tell Lift & Stor Beds their dream and they can do it!

The hidden bed is one other terrific product from Lift & Stor Beds that aims to improve a small living space into a multi functional space. Whether to be utilized in a school dorm area, studio property, or to cover up an ugly bed in a guest bedroom, hidden beds are a fantastic alternative to common bedroom sets. Lift & Stor Beds describes hidden beds in terrific depth on their new web page, praising their ability to serve as both a workplace and a bed. The Lift & Stor Beds web page also claims that the hydraulics of their hidden beds are smooth that consumers do not have to clear off the workspace before the bed is swung down into position.

Whether consumers are wanting to optimize space in their small property or guest bedroom, or are creating a wonderful niche for a teen's living space, Lift & Stor Beds has a product that's ideal for them! From Murphy beds, to hidden, to storage beds, Lift & Stor Beds has a assortment of effective and unique products available on their new website located at