Latin Heritage Foundation Publisher Announces The New Book, 'The Smartest Kid In The Bronx'

Gualdo Hidalgo, Latin Heritage Foundation Publisher, is proud to announce the release of the alluring book, 'The Smartest Kid in the Bronx,' featuring talented writers from India, Canada, England, Nigeria, Philippines, China, Romania, China, USA, Germany and other countries.

Online PR News – 01-April-2012 – Washington, NJ – New anthology, 'The Smartest Kid in the Bronx,' contains both fictional and non fictional stories such as the compelling account of friendship of two high school boys whose lives takes surprising paths and dreadful destinies; the knotty immigrants’ experiences; One People, One Love: random thoughts and aspirations; the descriptive feeling of sitting in a world above the Earth with an option of being immortal; about the grief weighing heavy upon the hearts of soldiers; the recount of the ones chosen to leave our homes; the battle for relevance in life; about not having fears, and more fascinating short stories.

The non-fictional section comprises stories about finding culture in Barcelona; whispers of change; the mundane condition; the million time rejections; the have and the have-nots; some children are lucky and how to attract women.

The authors produce real art that comes to the deeper intricacies of the soul of every human being. Their stories come from places geographically and culturally diversified but each story shows a serenade of love and universal feelings, expressing the most important values as are the constant questioning of man's relationship to life and the vicissitudes that it offers.

Reading and enjoyment of this work allows a better understanding of the World. According to Mariela Hidalgo, the editor, the release of this anthology is the best example of Latin Heritage Foundation interest to promote the rich values of universal culture.

Deeply linked to the vicissitudes of history, the stories express both everyday reality and the mythic roots of its inhabitants. This is, without doubt, the form of creative writing more rooted in the World oral tradition.

The authors have earned a place in this book because they venture and penetrate the interior of the magic kingdom of literature and all the subtle range of feelings, motivations and commitments that such engagement involves.

The book is available at Amazon and Latin Heritage Foundation website's Web Store page,

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