TheGreekSpace Allows People to Connect With Fraternities All Across the Globe

TheGreekSpace has come up as a leading online connector of Greeks located all over the world. The site offers a platform for members of fraternal organizations wishing to reconnect with fellow Greek fraternity members.

Online PR News – 02-April-2012 – Champaign, IN – Champaign, US, 31 March 2012 :TheGreekSpace is an online platform for people belonging to Greek fraternities and sororities that allows them to connect with fellow members of their organization or find members from other organizations. The website not only allows Greeks to find and network with fellow Greeks, but it also allows them to continue on their path of brotherhood, solidarity and a common purpose. The exclusivity and engaging features of the site is being welcomed by existing fraternity members, as it comes with the reassurance of complete security and privacy while networking and making a connection.

A senior member of TheGreekSpace commented on their service offer, he said, “Often with time, many of us lose touch with our frat members and cannot find a secure means to reconnect with them. This is where TheGreekSpace comes in. We are your reliable route to find the brothers/sisters whom you have lost touch with over the years. With TheGreekSpace, you can explore members of your own Greek Letter/Fraternal Organization or connect with other fraternities and sororities from around the world.”

TheGreekSpace offers fraternal members a constant accessible way to strengthen their brotherhood/sisterhood further, by giving a unique platform designed to network only with the members of fraternal organizations, with no outsiders to intrude on their privacy. TheGreekSpace can be used by members of fraternities, sororities and Greek letter organizations to:

• Search for Greeks in your school, work and city.
• Find out who joined your Greek letter organization and when.
• Re-engage in your Greek life and network.

A senior member of TheGreekSpace threw further light on their working and core values,

“There are many fraternities and sororities spread all across the United States and abroad. Being a member of a Greek Letter/Fraternal Organization is about being a part of something bigger than yourself and contributing to a legacy; many of you may be interested in knowing about the Greek Letter Organizations with similar beliefs, colors, practices and mottos. We are very particular about maintaining the secrecy of every organization, and that is why we allow access to verified members only.”

The company hopes that their secure and private networking site will attract more members of fraternities and sororities increasing the number of Greeks that use their platform.

About TheGreekSpace:

TheGreekSpace is an online directory that allows a person belonging to a Greek sorority to find and reconnect with members of their own and other fraternities and sororities.

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