Adventurous Solo Traveler Seeking Enthusiastic Travel Partner

With nearly 20,000 members, the Global Expeditions Club is one of the largest and fastest growing adventure travel clubs in the world.

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Adventurous Solo Traveler Seeking Enthusiastic Travel Partner
Portsmouth, NH- March 30, 2012 —

Adventurous Solo Traveler Seeking Enthusiastic Travel Partner... This may come across like a personal ad, but in fact this is the dilemma that Jane Bloom lived with, and thousands of other solo travelers still face every day.

"All of my friends are either married, don't have the time or don't have the desire to travel,” Bloom stated. “So that left me with two choices. Travel alone or don't travel at all."

For Bloom it was easy to get caught up in everyday life and lose track of what she actually wanted to do. She had let the idea of traveling alone push her away. After Bloom realized that her passion for travel was too important to put aside, it was difficult for her to find a group that had the right fit.

"I tried to find group trips, but they all seemed to be either for younger people staying in hostels or 50 person bus tours geared towards elderly couples."

Eric Moser also found himself in a similar situation. Being single, he often felt like he was left out with couples pairing off or bugging friends to go with him that didn’t share the same desire for travel. For years he searched for a way to experience the kind of travel he was looking for.

"I tried to recruit friends and even asked random strangers at a bus stop, just so I didn't have to travel alone. Ok, I didn't really solicit people at bus stops, but I think you get the point of how badly I wanted to find a group to travel with."

After some research, both came across Global Expeditions Club ( There were definite characteristics that stood out to them that made GEC different than all the other group travel programs. With nearly 20,000 club members across the United States and Canada, they found that the Global Expeditions Club tours were a great way to meet other liked minded people to share their passion for travel with, many being solo travelers like themselves.

“It was exactly what I had been searching for,” Bloom stated, “A group of fun-loving people between their 20’s and 60’s that want to experience the world.”

Amy Lyons, another travel enthusiast, had let her everyday work life stop her from keeping in touch with friends, and found the club to be the perfect solution.

“After joining the Global Expeditions Club, I realized that it was an avenue to stay in touch with my new found travel buddies, both locally and across the country.” Lyons stated. “The people that I have met on the tours with GEC have become lifelong friends. We continue to stay in touch and together look forward to booking that next dream trip with the club.”

Global Expeditions Club offers adventurous group tours to incredible destinations around the world. Previous trips have included: Costa Rica, Morocco, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Tibet, Nepal, India, Peru, the Amazon, and many, many more.

About Global Expeditions Club:
With nearly 20,000 members, the Global Expeditions Club is one of the largest and fastest growing adventure travel clubs in the world. Designed for solo travelers and groups of friends alike, it is a unique and exciting social travel club open to anyone who is interested in traveling to exciting destinations around the world, in a small group tour setting, with other like-minded adventurers. For more information about the club and their upcoming group tours, visit their website at:
Phone: 617-645-7689