Mr. Universe Jeff Primm Joins Sisel International

Jeff Primm started in bodybuilding over 30 years ago and working as a personal trainer for more than 25 years.

Online PR News – 30-March-2012 – Rockford, IL – March 30, 2012 - Mr. Universe Jeff Primm joins Sisel International. Visit to join Jeff Primm NOW or call his business partner Dan Block at 815-980-0664. Jeff Primm started in bodybuilding over 30 years ago and working as a personal trainer for more than 25 years. Jeff Primm holds titles in 7 bodybuilding federations and includes notable titles of; Mr. Illinois, Mr. World, Mr. Usa, Mr. America.

In 1999, Jeff Primm reached the all-time pinnacle of bodybuilding titles Mr. Universe. Having conquered the competitive bodybuilding arena, Jeff Primm knew he wanted to turn his time and focus towards helping others achieve their dreams too. In 1990, Jeff Primm established his personal training gym which is a culmination of a lifetime of Jeff’s passion for bodybuilding, physical and mental fitness, and helping others achieve a better quality of life. Jeff enjoys his family time and is always seen with his wife and kids. Jeff Primm’s gym members are treated as if they are part of Jeff Primm’s family everyone knows each other and it is an enjoyable experience. Jeff Primm takes great pride in learning about people and who they are as a person, before they embark on the journey of changing their physical and mental self. It takes a lot of dedication to lose 30+ lbs and Jeff Primm makes himself available to all his clients. Whether they have a question about what to eat, what meal replacement to take, or what supplements are best Jeff Primm answers personal calls pretty much at any time to answer questions. Throughout Jeff Primm’s bodybuilding career he has been asked to do movies, commercials, and be a spokesperson for products. Jeff Primm has never accepted any offer and has never endorsed a product for money to this day.

Many people have approached Jeff Primm and his wife to build a network marketing company, but the products never really had any validity or science to them. When Jeff Primm was introduced to Sisel International he was skeptical until he had the chance to speak to Tom Mower on the phone and quickly realized that Tom knew his science behind his products extremely well. This intrigued Jeff. A few weeks passed and Tom reached out to Jeff Primm about the new weight loss products and meal replacement program about to be released. On that call Tom asked Jeff to speak at the 1st national conference in Vegas about the product and his knowledge in fitness and supplements. Jeff Primm accepted Tom’s offer and spoke in front of a large audience. Jeff Primm went over his time allowed and the people were loving how real he was and the truth about nutrition. “Lack of information on the products that people are putting into their bodies is shocking! Most people trying to lose weight are just blindly buying products they know little about like the soy based products that are loaded with toxins.” Jeff Primm says, ”with the input of fitness it will speed up the process of permeating the product through your body, you can simply start taking the products Sisel offers and begin to feel good which will then be a catalyst to continue to work towards your weight loss goals.”

Jeff admires Tom’s humbleness and family values. Tom was literally begging Jeff to bring his family out to his home in Utah so the kids could play with his young daughter. Jeff says “the Triangle of Life is phenomenal. However, people need to stay active and do something with their new found energy. Whether that means go camping, kayaking, rock climbing, fishing, or even ball room dancing people need to experience what life has to offer. People get caught up in work and never seem to get ahead in life. With Sisel people can actually regain their health and by doing so take back their finances as a bi product, which will enable them to take back their lives!” Jeff is committed to doing videos to teach people how to work out properly and stay on the right path of what to eat and when to eat and the correct foods to eat for weight training. Sisel is a perfect fit for Jeff Primm and is anxious to help many people take back their lives.

Join Jeff Primm now by going to . Jeff Primm is building one of the fastest growing businesses in Sisel International. Rockford IL was named the 4th obese city in the nation and Dan Block and Jeff Primm are doing a tv campaign in the Rockford IL area to build the Sisel business with people within Jeff Primm’s organization.