Shape Type Launch for Graphic Designing

“Shape Type: Latest invention in Graphic Design industry, A HTML5 typography game where you have to drag curve-adjustment tools to perfect letter forms in various font faces.”

Online PR News – 30-March-2012 – +91-98181-11470 – The year seems to have been quite a roller coaster ride for IT industry courtesy amalgam of success and failures that came in faces. But the contemporary scenario must not get dense enough to cover the success events of the graphic designing industry. Among unending hype and expectations, there were loads of newly introduced features which were quite popular too.


Shape Type is one such advent in the industry courtesy graphic designing which is raved by the author of “Shape Type: The Letter Shaping Game” Eric Miller. It is an online game which forces players to pour their hearts out to utilize their never-used-brains at shifting and adjusting the letters (“Shape Type: The Letter Shaping Game”). ‘Shape type’ game is the brainchild of web developer Mark Mackay who earlier created well known games like Kern type and memela, which is a lite-brite inspired drawing application. Shape type makes uses of Raphael JS library for its vector library. To play this game you need use a modern browser but with using the latest release, all major browsers can be used.

It’s got some of the most exciting tools straight out from graphic design which help you fix letter anatomy. As quoted in the article “Shape Type: The Letter Shaping Game” by Eric Miller, there is a typeface name to each letter and all you got to do is just hit the compare button once you feel the it is close to original one. On the preliminary stage when the game first arrived in the market, it was not gaining much popularity but gradually when people get to know about it, its popularity has been increasing ever since. More and more avid game lovers are getting attracted to it. One of the main reasons why its popularity is increasing is that it is quite different from other types of games. You should be aware of the fact Shape type is not your another fast paced action or other type of game; it’s more of a mind related game. Game lovers who are more inclined towards above mentioned type of games may not like the shape type game at the first go. Still, it holds the requisite manipulation from an art of virtual canvas which will surely get its required foothold. Game lovers who are looking for a change from regular action oriented and racing games are opting for this particular game and are very much enjoying while playing this game. There are many websites available in internet where you can visit and play the shape type game. Browse through internet and you will find a large plethora of such sites. Because of its unusual nature, game lovers are getting curious about it and hence resulting in its mounting popularity.

With each passing day its popularity is increasing and it is being expected that in near future its popularity will increase furthermore.

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