Flat glass demand in China to increase 7.9% annually through 2013 available through Bharatbook

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Online PR News – 16-February-2010 – – Flat Glass in China

Measured in value terms, flat glass demand is expected to rise 11.3 percent per year, reaching 130 billion yuan. Sales of flat glass will benefit from government spending initiatives -- such as the construction of affordable and low-rent houses and physical infrastructure -- many of which were designed to offset the effects of the global economic downturn. In addition, ongoing industrialization, rising income levels, further population and household growth, expanding motor vehicle production, trends favoring larger LCD panel size and expansions of solar cell projects will fuel flat glass sales in China through the forecast period. ( http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=132239&rt=Flat-Glass-in-China.html )

Fabricated flat glass to enjoy strong growth
Two major trends are occurring within the China flat glass industry, both of which will boost value gains. First, float glass will continue to replace less expensive sheet glass in many markets. Second, high value fabricated glass will increasingly be used in lieu of nonfabricated glass as consumers insist on better performing building materials. Safety glass demand (including tempered and laminated) is projected to increase 13.2 percent per year through 2013, benefiting from rising income levels and expanding building stock. Moreover,strong growth in motor vehicle production will also stimulate new safety glass sales.

Insulating glass is forecast to grow 11.8 percent annually through 2013. Gains will be boosted by healthy growth in construction of residential and commercial buildings, schools and hospitals. A variety of other fabricated flat glass products will register fast-paced growth through 2013. Product gains will be driven by rising numbers of new nonresidential buildings (e.g., offices, banks, luxury hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, museums and theaters), fast increases in production of large LCD TV and other electronic displays, and rising output of solar cells.

Electronic displays to be fastest growing market
The architectural market will remain dominant through 2013, when sales will approach 2.4 billion square meters. Advances will be bolstered by rising income levels, further urbanization and government efforts to improve living conditions for low-income earners and increase average living space per capita. In addition, the expansion of high-end hotel chains in China will help flat glass demand in this market. Demand for flat glass in the motor vehicle market will benefit from rapid growth in motor vehicle output as global and local automakers expand investment activity. The smaller electronic displays market is forecast to rise at the fastest pace through 2013, driven by strong increases in electrical/electronic product output, the innovation of new glass-using products and rising personal income levels.

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