UK Open Educational Resources Has Launched Biologycourses.Co.Uk Their New Project For All People
04/02/2012 is a new website containing open educational resources and taster materials for learners and teachers involved in the subject of Biology and Biology Courses.

Online PR News – 02-April-2012 – Leicester, UK – A UK Open Educational Resource Programme (UKOER), named Health and Life Science Open Educational Resources (HALSOER) and associated staff at De Montfort University in Leicester have created a new website for both learners and educators called Learners have easy access to high quality materials to support their learning on both, PC or mobile devices, while educators can use, reuse and adapt materials to support their biology teaching to save them time. addresses to school and college pupils, students interested in biology, university students studying biology, teachers, tutors, lecturers and professors of biology. This group of learners and teachers are being called upon to use the open license materials in their teaching and learning. The site will soon contain university taster materials for prospective students to give them a taste of what to expect of different biology courses on offer at Universities.

These open education resources are licensed for use by Creative Commons, meaning that you can use the materials as you wish as long as you acknowledge and attribute the author or project. Depending on the strictness of the license you might be only able to use the resource in its present state (no derivatives version), or you might be able to download it, edit and adapt it as long as you share it back on the web (share alike version).

“We are a team of academics in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at De Montfort who like to share our educational resources including video, animations and slide presentations on the internet,” said Dr. Vivien Rolfe, PhD in Gastrointestinal Physiology, one of the scientists on the team, who also develops e-learning solutions for bioscience education at De Montfort University.

Dr. Rolfe is working with the UKOER Programme to release and share learning resources in health and life sciences, and this involves working with industrial and healthcare partners. She also has numerous publications and conference presentations to her name. contains biology resources or more specifically, Health and Life Science Open Educational Resources (HALSOERs) with a focus on medical science, biomedical science and forensic science, which are all degrees relevant to school and college students studying biology A level. Popular subjects like Forensic Science, Biomedical Science and Medical Science (Clinical Sciences) can be found in specific taster sections where people can work through for as long as they like and even test their progress.

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