DNA Analysis, LLC Website has New Look and More User-Friendly Navigation

DNA Analysis, LLC has released phase I revisions to the corporate website. The new design provides more user friendly navigation and information about services. Researchers may find the website is more informative and easier to view.

Online PR News – 02-April-2012 – Cincinnati/ Ohio – DNA Analysis, LLC has completed phase I of the revision of its corporate website. The new design is more professionally appealing. It is sporting a new corporate header. The internal changes provide better detail to viewers and simplified navigation. DNA Analysis, LLC is working towards providing better communications through the website with a more readable font.

Each page includes a main navigation bar. The navigation bar leads researchers to information about the company and contact information. There are additional links to websites where free software for viewing chromatogram trace data is available. A link to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) allows researchers to upload DNA sequence results for comparison with available sequence data.

A link to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) has also been added. DNA Analysis, LLC has compiled a list of questions researchers commonly ask about submitting samples for sequencing and fragment analysis. The FAQs page allows questions to be reviewed at the top of the page then links to the answer. Therefore, researchers do not need to view a long list of questions and answers to find information.

The DNA sequencing and fragment analysis service information pages have been updated with the most recent information. This includes protocols for preparing and submitting samples for either service. Researchers can use the quick list navigation bar located on each page to access the service information from any page throughout the website.

DNA Analysis, LLC believes the website is a great improvement. Researchers may appreciate the simple navigation tools that have been included. Phase II revisions will include additional valuable links as well as on-line forms to aid researchers when submitting samples. The next series of revisions are currently in planning stages and may become available by summer.