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Why to Join Pharma Outsourcing and Procurement Summit 2012

Online PR News – 02-April-2012 – Berlin Germany – Vasco Marcal Grilo, Vice-President Global Pharma R&D Sourcing, Johnson & Johnson, will be sharing insights around the topic of ‘Clinical Outsourcing in Emerging Markets’ during a case study presentation at the Pharma Outsourcing and Procurement Summit, 21st – 22nd May 2012 in Hotel Palace Berlin, Germany.

The presentation is entitled ‘Selecting and managing clinical partners in emerging countries’. Mr. Grilo will cover how to develop a commercial network partners in low cost countries like India and China, because successful R&D facilities exist in Europe and America but more work needs to be done in emerging markets.

The highlights of the presentation include:

•Evaluating the cost benefits of having clinical outsourcing relationships in Asia
•Efficiently managing short, medium and long term relationships in a long distance
•Successfully overcoming cultural differences in emerging markets
•Creating profitable relationships in emerging countries

The presentation is on Day 1 of the Pharma Outsourcing and Procurement Summit, taking place in the Hotel Palace Berlin. The summit has been specifically designed to address the growing pharmaceutical outsourcing requirements in contract manufacturing, bulk, fill finish, drug delivery and formulation, Research & development API sourcing.
Also, some of the key speakers this year include:

•Nick Welby , Procurement Director, Astrazeneca
•Ulrich Rümenapp, Head Biotech Projects, Bayer
•Murillo Xavier, Strategic Development, Hewlett-Packard
•Suzette M. Roan, Global Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls, Pfizer US
•Thilo Jaeckel, Global Category Lead, Roche Switzerland

For more details on Vasco Marcal Grilo’s session and the programme, visit the event website

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