College Station Storage Goes Solar

College Station storage facility goes solar to save costs and reduce environmental footprint.

Online PR News – 02-April-2012 – Bryan, TX – Bryan, TX One College Station storage facility is using solar energy to reduce its energy costs and their carbon footprint on the environment. It is the only storage facility in College Station to install solar panels and it is passing that savings on to its customers.. The web site,, has pictures of their solar installation and even a video of the installation process.

"Our goal was to reduce energy costs and provide an example to other College Station storage( ) facilities in the area", said the owner. "We want to reduce costs for our customers and reduce our impact on the environment."

The owner also hopes to have a video on his web site that shows the solar panels tracking the sun across the sky. "There are a lot of storage units in College Station( ) and using solar power gives us a competitive advantage. It's also a great conversation piece since the solar panels are mounted on poles in front of our storage units. When the solar panels track the sun, people are amazed and give us a call to book a storage unit."

The owner hopes to recoup his costs in 5-7 years. That is a good investment considering the solar panels and equipment is warranted to last 15-20 years. Storage in College Station( ) is a very competitive business and anything that can help save money and gain notoriety helps tip the scales in the owner's favor.

To see pictures and learn more about how your small business can use solar power to reduce costs and gain customers, see