Career Expert Helps Cash-Strapped People Land Legitimate Online Surveys for Money

A new online jobs website launches, with a focus on paid surveys

Online PR News – 02-April-2012 – Boston, MA – People looking for part time work in the form of online surveys for money now have help from one of the world’s leading career experts to help them find high-paying surveys. Sue Kelly, founder of a new site,, has been helping people make cash using online surveys for money for nearly a decade.

Why should people seeking work at home opportunities use as their go-to resource for online surveys for money? According to Kelly, her website is one of the few on the net offering objective information on online surveys for money. Kelly states, “Anyone searching the internet for online surveys for money is bombarded with websites promoting this or that offer. While many of the surveys sites are legit and high-paying, they don’t help the individual make an educated decision. Without guidance on choosing the survey site best for them, many people may find themselves paying for survey site memberships that don’t match their interests.”

How does Kelly’s site stand out from the rest? According to Kelly, her site is different because it empowers the visitor to make an informed decision for themselves –and not simply bombard them with dozens of survey sites and make money online opportunities.

Kelly offers advice to help people get the most out there experience of working on online surveys for money. According to Kelly, “The first step in finding a lucrative source of online surveys for money is to know what you’re looking for. Many people haphazardly browse around and pick the first survey site that catches their eye. While this can work for some people, it’s not the most effective long-term strategy. It’s much better to have a set of criteria about cost, payment schedule and survey types laid out before beginning your search.”

Kelly goes on to say that the idea of scams among survey sites are overblown –and are no more prevalent than any other type of online job opportunity. Due diligence and common sense are the best ways to make sure you don’t get burned by a less than reputable survey website, Kelly emphasizes.

How can people leverage the most cash from online surveys for money? Kelly notes that finding a niche of surveys that you enjoy taking and can get through quickly is the fastest way to survey riches. While this takes some trial and error, it’s what separates the high-earners from those struggling to make a few bucks here and there with online surveys for money.