He Killed Our Janny--Award Winning True Crime Story Releases Trailer

The truth matters: A relentless search for answers in the mysterious death of one of Colorado's former top models illustrates this very point

Online PR News – 29-March-2012 – Aurora, Colorado – by Fran Briggs
The truth matters.

A relentless search for answers in the mysterious death of Janyce Hansen, one of Colorado's former top models illustrates this very point.

"He Killed Our Janny": A Family's Search for the Truth (Create Space, 2011) is a true crime story which depicts a son and daughter's painful and unfathomable memories. Not at all blissfully unaware, they chronicle the amazingly intense accounts that lead to their mother, Janyce "Janny" Hansen's death.

John and Jill grew up in an abusive and dangerously arresting home. For more than two decades they were led to believe that their mother committed suicide in 1984. But after securing a copy of her death certificate in 2009, they discover that she died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Even more disturbing was that the manner of death was actually "undetermined" - not suicide as police records indicated.

Fueled by the frustration of decades of a criminal cover-up, the siblings go forth to unravel the truth with their own investigation. All evidence points to one man. He's not only a successful Colorado real estate developer with alleged ties to underworld crime and governing officials, but he's also their father. The story is told to, and brilliantly put together by bestselling author, Sherrie Lueder of Wisconsin. Credit for incorporating criminal and justice records, and purposed CSI evidence of murder research, is given to Lueder's sister, Kim Hansen of Arizona.

Let's talk literary excellence: on the heels of being awarded 'Best of the Best of 2011 True Crime Book Reviews' is the release of the official He Killed Our Janny trailer. The clip is enthralling. The story is set in the suburbs of affluent Denver, Colorado. Richard is customarily celebrated community-wide for his family-man image. But in truth, he shapes his dysfunctional family's order of existence by physically and mentally abusing his wife, and terrifying, beating, and sexually abusing his adopted children. Covertly, he also operates extremely lucrative gambling and prostitution rings from the family home.

The trailer looks like the book could be really good - and it is. Can't wait for the day I watch it on the big screen. It's already caught the attention of a Hollywood screen writer. Right now, it's playing on Youtube; but you can see the exciting, full-length trailer here by clicking on the link under "CONTACT INFORMATION".

He Killed Our Janny is available at Amazon.com as well as other online and traditional bookstores. For media inquiries, please contact Kim Hansen at 480-289-1549, or email kim@jaksgoldenknights.com

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