Chris Atchley Releases Post About Marching Drums: A Different Kind Of Drumming At Play Drums By Ear

Chris Atchley, creator of Play Drums By Ear, has released a new post about marching drums. Atchley claims drum set players will learn a lot about drumming from marching drums.

Online PR News – 29-March-2012 – Corona/CA – Chris Atchley, professional drummer and creator of Play Drums By Ear, has released a new post about playing marching drums. Atchley played and competed in regional competitions on marching drums and claims that studying this type of drumming has helped his drum set skills immensely. Atchley spent years defining his precision drumming skills and now teaches this technique and rudiments to his students on the drum set. Atchley has provided three videos of solo and group competition performers that have excelled on marching drums. Readers will find Atchley’s post about marching drums at

“I used to compete on marching drums when I was younger for solo competitions and group competitions with my school,” Atchley says. “I have a lot of great memories from drum line, but I also have a lot of rudiment chops from drum line.”

“Being a drummer in a marching band taught me about precision drumming and all the different rudiments for drums too,” Atchley says. “All of these rudiments and drumming techniques can be applied to the drum set as well.”

“In fact,” Atchley says, “I often teach drum rudiments as a way to maneuver around fills much easier than playing everything with single strokes.”

Atchley offers a variety of articles and drum lessons on his website at Visit now for access to a long list of videos and lessons. Readers will find Atchley’s recent post, featuring hi hat tricks and techniques, at

About Chris Atchley and Play Drums By Ear
Chris Atchley has played drums for a variety of successful bands that have toured all around the world. Atchley has also taught drums for over fifteen years to students of all ages and skill level. His new instructional DVD course is now accessible and is guaranteed to help drummers worldwide.

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