Atlanta Company launches workplace safety video conference

Atlanta Company Uses Safety Pictures to Focus in on Safety.

Online PR News – 01-April-2012 – March 27, 2012 Olathe-Kansas – Safety Sign Outlet has a large assortment of safety pictures from which to choose. While employees most often already know what a safety poster or sign is telling them, the importance of having the information in front of them is undeniable.

Knowing the workers may know the safest method yet choose to continue unsafe practices is a frustrating fact for management. However, having safety signs in place where they are viewed on a daily basis works to increase compliance with safe work practices.

Safety Sign Outlet’s safety posters work two ways to reduce workplace accidents. First, consistent viewing of signs demonstrating safe methods seeps the message into workers’ subconscious creating a subliminal imperative to follow correct procedures. Second, it removes any excuse an employee might try to use about not knowing safe, company supported workplace behavior.

The company’s safety signs not only promote employee safety but public safety as well. Their signs herd people thru construction areas, warn about looming danger, and evacuation routes. Safety Sign Outlet prides itself on having the necessary expertise in providing signs that are sturdy with clear, concise messages that easy to read and understand.

At their website, the company explains the difference between safety slogans and safety signs. Safety signs inform people of danger, of correct methods etc., while safety slogans educate workers to think about safety and make it a priority.

Understanding that while many employees enjoy making fun of safety slogans, they never the less remember them and learn from them. The best slogans to promote safety are specific to an industry and situation and of a positive nature. Safety Sign Outlet is continually developing new slogans to keep employees safe.