Sun Laboratories Announces Sunless Tanning Products for Consumers and Professional Salons

Sun Laboratories announces sunless tanning product for consumers and professional salons. The company is a leader within the industry and offers a variety of sunless tanning products in many different forms, such as, sprays, lotions, gels and mousses.

Online PR News – 01-April-2012 – Chatsworth, CA – Sun Laboratories was established in 1983 by Gisela Hunter, who had a vision of a year round tanning product. The company is innovative and the first to market self-tanners. Today, their success story is unmatched and the company continues to manufacture remarkable products in the sunless tanning industry. It is not uncommon for individuals to try their products once and become a life long supporter of Sun Laboratories.

Sunless tanning products do not have dangerous consequences such as exposure to the sun and provide a safe year round tan to the consumer. The products provide individuals with tans that are authentic and truly appear as though the individual has spent hours in the sun. Unlike years past where the tans were orangey and streaky, Sun Labs provides a sunless tan that is outstanding and one would never imagine it come from a bottle.

Giesela's vision of a tanning product without the negative consequences of over exposure to the sun, such as, the deadly melanoma is no longer a vision and sun tanners can achieve a glorious tan within minutes any time of the year. The products are safe to use over and over again without posing any risks to the individual, just a deeper and more bronzy golden tan, without the negative effects to the skin..

The company is the choice among many professional salons with products that not only include the lotions and gels, but, also products such as air spraying products that provide a remarkable tan and are actually somewhat painted onto the individual.

Sun Laboratories products are reasonably priced and come in a variety of costs from a few dollars into the hundreds. Consumers can also try a trial application size of the sunless tanning products, which is one application, and costs roughly a dollar.

For individuals that would like to achieve a glorious tan, Sun Laboratories provides professional products that will give that glorious tan without damage to the skin or health risks. Each of their products comes with complete instructions on how to apply the product, which is very important to follow to ensure the best results and the longest lasting results.

Sun Laboratories products can be purchase online or through professional salons. For the consumer that would like to learn more about their products or to shop their products, they can visit their online storefront at where they will also be able to view a complete history of the company, as well as, read many articles in regards to the sunless tanning products.

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