Adam Heller’s Zero Pain Now Process Available in a Book

Adam Heller releases his complete Zero Pain Now process in a book.

Online PR News – 01-April-2012 – California – Adam Heller, of Adam Heller’s Zero Pain Now, has published his long sought after conservative and noninvasive method on how to eliminate the crippling effects of chronic or persistent pain without drugs, surgery or lengthy painful treatments or exercises.

In Adam Heller’s new book, Adam Heller’s Zero Pain Now, Adam takes the reader through the process of becoming pain free. Adam shows the reader the link between physical pain and emotions. By reading every page of the book, the reader can become pain-free.

Through Adam’s many years as a corporate and personal coach, he kept noticing how many of his clients were dealing with chronic or persistent pain.  Three years ago Adam began examining the link between physical pain and emotions and developed a linguistic-only process that helped his clients tremendously.  Adam educates his clients about these techniques and practices so that they themselves can implement them to permanently cure their limiting back or body pain.

Because the information that Adam has gained through his search of being pain free is not common knowledge, Adam started to devote more of his time to informing the public through talks and presentations about the psychological cause of most persistent or repetitive back and body pain. “The public needs to be educated about this epidemic and they need to know that there is a real cure for pain, not the pain management methods such as surgery or drugs,” says Adam Heller. “The real cause of almost all persistent pain is emotional. The pain is physical. Often very intense. However the cause is psychological.”

Adam was encouraged to capture the essence of his process in a book by telling the reader, not only the linguistic-only process, but also how and why it works. Adam Heller’s new book, "Adam Heller's Zero Pain Now" has received praise for its straightforward presentation of the facts and Adam’s process:
“This process rapidly accomplishes what all other therapies have failed; almost instant and lasting relief from your pain. The medical profession, along with our patients, will dramatically reduce unnecessary suffering from pain, thanks to this groundbreaking book.” Dr. Gene Levin, M.D., F.A.C.P., Laguna Beach, CA

“I urge you to experience this profound technique and follow the instructions exactly as written, and you will become pain-free.” Dr. Boris Borazjiani, M.D., M.P.H., Aliso Viejo, CA

Adam Heller’s Zero Pain Now is a complete step by step guide for the reader to rid himself of his chronic pain and in the short time that it has been available through the ZeroPainNow and Amazon, it has already worked to help people.
“Around the second week of reading the book my pain got better. By the end of the third week, my pain was gone. I finished all four weeks of his exercises, and have been pain-free since!” Elizabeth Friedman, M.P.H.

Adam Heller teaches athletes, executives, celebrities and everyday people around the world how to “Control Your Brain To Cure Your Pain.” Adam is the founder of Adam Heller’s Zero Pain Now process, through which he has helped hundreds of people become pain free He is also a certified trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Master in Time Line Therapy, Integrative Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Divorce; and a Certified Instructor of Deepak Chopra's Center for Well Being. What you don't know, will hurt you.

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