Introducing JustLook Face Recognition System for Advanced Security in Indian Suburbs

Now JustLook face recognition systems in the market to enhance premise's security. All the solutions are efficient and supportive at different premises.

Online PR News – 15-February-2010 – – "Now people can relax while going out or staying alone at home by implementing face recognition system at premises." as per the documentary report statement based on the firm. "When we thought about the security of people as well as premises, we could not ignore but to support the JustLook face recognition technology and therefore made our security team to work upon it, to solve the general need of security." explained by the HR manager of the company.

JustLook is a sub part of Aditech Infotech that promotes the implementation of face recognition systems at premises. The firm is composed of a team of security experts, knowledge workers and other technical experts who continuously work for the advancement of the security solutions.

Face identification system is the existing boon in the field of security nowadays. Believing this fact the firm Aditech Infotech started introducing face identification systems in Indian premises through JustLook, as known through the recent interview with Aditech Infotech's chief executive officer, Mr. Manish Shah.

"The face identification system offers three different solutions that are based on biometrics and can be installed at internal as well as external premises. The three systems namely time attendance, access control and visitor management system all are designed and developed to work in any existing premises condition." as conveyed by the security expert of the firm.

The firm also stated that it is going to provide the support team who will take care of the installation process of the devices. The firm is going to provide its services at a very affordable rate to meet customer expectations, as declared at a recent security conference in Delhi.

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