DVDFab Media Player for Mac Released First Beta

Fengtao Software Inc. has now introduced another new product into its product line, DVDFab Media Player for Mac.

Online PR News – 01-April-2012 – +86-10-83913343 – Fengtao Software Inc., the leading multimedia software company majors in DVD, Blu-ray copy and video converter, has now introduced another new product into its product line, DVDFab Media Player for Mac.

To extend its market share, March 27, 2012, Fengtao Software released the first beta version of its new product, DVDFab Media Player for Mac, stepping into the field of media players

Besides the basic features that a media player is supposed to possess, as a Blu-ray media player targeted for Mac OS X, DVDFab Media Player for Mac has many challenges: Lifetime free play of Blu-ray&DVD ISO files, folders and other video files; Play the newly released Blu-ray&DVD disc on spot powered by the on-the-fly online decryption from remote server; Collect movie information online upon playing; Smart recognition of Blu-ray or DVD of the loaded movie folders. Surely, with this feature-filled Mac Blu-ray player, people can make their Mac world a better place.

DVDFab Media Player for Mac is destined to make a dent in the Mac world, just like Apple does one score and eight years ago, when Macintosh is first unveiled. Mac products are now deeply into every aspect of our daily lives. But, there lies a brutal truth---People cannot play Blu-ray on their elegant Mac products? Why? Because Apple hates Blu-ray, which it fails to war against. Apple feels reluctant to import neither Blu-ray video into iTunes, nor a Blu-ray drive into its system, out of its own interest. But, do videophiles hate Blu-ray? Think of Blu-ray 3D Avatar, Transformers. No, they love Blu-ray. Although Apple’s own HD format is able to make some hits in iTunes, that’s only because there is no Blu-ray video in existence. It is likely to happen that Blu-ray media will become the mainstream data storage solution and prevail for another generation. So, if Apple does not take actions and move forward, people should work on their own. They need an external Blu-ray drive and a software player that plays back the Blu-ray discs. As soon as Mac Blu-ray player comes to the table, that’s when DVDFab Media Player for Mac does its job! To tryout this record-breaking player, just go to http://www.dvdfab.com/mac-blu-ray-player.htm