Predicts World Of Warcraft Gold Price Going Up Fast At the end of March 2012

With the hot new of new patch “Mist of Pandaria” spreading around the world, a heated trend of buying wow gold is starting at this time.

Online PR News – 29-March-2012 – United States – With the hot new of new patch “Mist of Pandaria” spreading around the world, a heated trend to buy wow gold is starting at this time. Any player who has game gold ordering experiences will know that, the closer released day for a game update, the relative items will become more like shopping-rush goods. For most of the wow fans, they are work along both lines now, fix their attention to latest news about the Pandaria, and prepare to stock enough world of warcraft gold for the new trip in game.

Actually, from the middle term of last year, there is already having much uncertain hearsay news talked among people in world of warcraft circle. And Blizzard also uncovers the mystery veil of the fourth expansion pack in the New Year’s carnival. But according to the usually style of Blizzard, from send out the news to the final released the official opening, it will through a long time waiting, at least one year in people’s estimate. However, in this time, Blizzard give a big surprise for everyone, beta test is come out at the end of March 22, 2012. Media and lucky personal players who given the test ID already to experience the fresh game. It is so exciting and torturing for the rest people.

And for the world of warcraft gold provider centers, a busy business season is coming in expectation. Everybody is in the intension conditions. Because people are underestimate the open day of “Mist of Pandaria”, so the industry is just like jumping into a accident suddenly in one day, not enough stock and under the stress of big market needs, push many wow gold providers to the death line. In addition to the broken up of host warcraft gold suppliers before, the situation is become a mass.

Result of short supply, wow gold delivery system is paralysis without any solutions. And people they require for buying wow gold is keeping at a high line, for that case, only can deal with this difficulties. Although many providers in order to refuse the orders, increase the gold price again and again, the original price of 10~13USD for 10k is up to 14~25USD, but is always make its own stable price all the time, and the delivery team is working in an orderly way, make sure every order can delivered to players in time.

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