Business, Marketing and Social Media Forum Launched for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

WireWalkersVA recently launched a new forum on their site to create a business hub for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.

Online PR News – 28-March-2012 – New York, New York City – For Immediate Release

Businesses of all sizes should know that a new forum has been launched to serve as a place for entrepreneurs and business people (aspiring or otherwise) to communicate, engage, network, interact, partner with and share opportunities with each other.

WireWalkersVA, a SEO and web site development company, has recently launched a forum to allow businesses and entrepreneurs to interact and engage with each other. Business-minded people, experts and aspiring entrepreneurs can register for free and start connecting with other entrepreneurs. They can ask questions, give advice to other forum members, learn from other business experts or just browse the informative content that WireWalkersVA offers.

Peter Lee, CEO of WireWalkersVA, said, “Due to the demand from our business friends and colleagues, we decided to create a hub for businesses so there’s a place for business owners and other experts to help and learn from each other. We also wanted to take advantage of this forum to provide valuable information, marketing resources and partnership opportunities to our visitors and members.”

The said forum is currently composed of four groups:

WireWalkerVA Site Related Forums – This group contains three forums where you can see what’s new with WireWalkersVA, the forum guidelines, and some great content discussion.

Business Marketing and Partnership Forums – This group is where businesses can market, partner and promote with each other. It has five forums which include “Business Card Exchange”, “Social Media Sharing”, “10% Discount Business Club”, “Link Trading”, and “Guest Blog Trading”.

Special Interest Forums – This is where businesses can share and learn about their special area of interest like blogging, business strategy, marketing strategy, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and more. The group is composed of ten forums. Some of the topics that you can see on this group started by active members include “What about Pinterest?”, “Art Marketing, anyone?”, “Is mobile marketing worth it?”, “Facebook Timeline... Small business friendly or not?”, and much more.

Hot Topics – This group discusses trending topics. The hot topic right now is about Jeremy Lin.

“We recently added the ‘Hot Topics’ group as we believe that it’s important for entrepreneurs to not just talk ‘business’ all the time. It’s essential that we show a bit of our personality discussing other things. Of course, they can always relate the topics to business, marketing, branding or something relevant but if they want to talk purely about something else then we allow that, too.”

“As of the moment, the forum has five active administrators and 124 members. But we expect more members soon.”, added Peter.

The business world, especially the online business world, has become very competitive at its best. As WireWalkersVA is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, they believe that creating a place, such as a forum, where every business-minded people can ‘hang out’ and share their expertise with everyone will definitely be helpful and essential to every entrepreneur.

About WireWalkersVA

WireWalkersVA is a SEO and web site development company based in New York, NY and was started by its CEO, Peter Lee and a dedicated team of business, marketing and social media advisors. On Memorial Day (May 25th, 2009), they created what has become the World’s Largest LinkedIn Group – ‘Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections!’. The Group is currently the largest of 1,236,817 Groups on LinkedIn and has over 731,055+ Members. Their website provides business, marketing and social media resources in the form of free ebooks, podcasts, videos, blogs and business forum.