Lambda Pride Senior Advocacy Services (LambdaPride.Org) Seeks Sponsors for First Action in Fight Against GLBT Ageism
02/15/2010 has everything a culture defining organization needs.It has willing researchers, a custom study crafted by psychologists and industry experts, an identified and waiting subject pools.These are all things that can take months or years to structure.However, needs one thing many organizations need today –sponsorship.In other words, LambdaPride.Org needs some angels.

Online PR News – 15-February-2010 – – Dallas, TX - February 14, 2010 -- “I am very hopeful, someone out there will get what we are trying to accomplish,” says Craig Williams, PhD. “Ageism is a disease of our culture.The discrimination of the older GLBT person is insidious, showing its head within and without of the gay culture.We need help and we are asking for any who read these words to stop, think and visit us to see our first action.”

The little organization seeks to be a handful of much needed GLBT Anti-ageism groups to have a plan in place.“This has gone much further than simply a good idea,” says Reece Manley, study author.“We are literally dollars away from beginning to launch what will be the greatest study ever extended on the topic.”

Generally, such research efforts have been the scope of academia, however, Ageism is not a topic many colleges or universities are focusing on, especially GLBT ageism.However, because there exists very serious corporate advantages to the data being retrieved from the study, Texas Research and Investment has placed it on its top rung of priorities.”

“We appeal to the general public, the GLBT community and anyone interested in fighting ageism, or age discrimination, inside the gay and lesbian community.We need connections.We need to know where to ask for help.You may not have money to offer, but whatever your gift, your connection, your specialty, we ask you to take a moment to register to help.”

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