National Emergency Medical Services Association(NEMSA) Creates And Uses Revolutionary Internet Based Software To Manage Contract Disputes

Online PR News – 15-February-2010 – – February 2010 – The labor union representing EMTs, Paramedics, and other pre-hospital emergency services professionals announced the roll out of new internet based software designed to help manage contract disputes between the union and employers.
The software, known as The NEMSA Grievance Wrangler helps union staff members, attorneys, and volunteer Shop Stewards manage steps of contractual dispute procedures. The innovative software allows for online grievance filing and the ability to progress through various portions of dispute procedures while at the same time allowing all information and evidence to be centrally available for use as needed.
“We looked at what was available commercially regarding automating and digitizing documentation of our contract dispute workflow. Of the products available, we discovered that one-size-fits-all really means one- size-fits nobody. We then had software developed from scratch to meet our needs” said Jason Herring, NEMSA Business Manager. “What we have now is unique, innovative, and cutting edge. Our staff members, attorneys, and shop stewards love it!”
The software was developed by Wild Critter Media, a full-service multi-media development company. “I can’t say enough good things about Wild Critter Media. They took our concept and built world-class software that is easy to use, easy to administer, and increases our efficiency nearly 40%” stated Herring.
Labor contract disputes are generally governed by a “Grievance Procedure” that includes multiple steps and opportunities to attempt to resolve the dispute between union and employer. Grievance procedures tend to require high documentation standards. Grievance procedures also include a large amount of correspondence between union and employer that must be archived for future use. Some grievance cases can generate hundreds or thousands of pieces of documentation or evidence. NEMSA claims the Grievance Wrangler Software will help make those documents digital and provide centralized storage and access for those documents, as well as the other management features built into the software.
“This truly is the next evolution in how union’s handle contract disputes” stated Torren Colcord, Union President. “This software is another way that we can provide the best representation possible for our members while at the same time increasing our own efficiency and saving significant amounts of money during a down economy.”
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The National EMS Association (NEMSA) is a registered not-for-profit labor organization providing union representation to EMTs, Paramedics, Emergency Dispatchers, Critical Care Nurses, and EMS related support staff in Massachusetts and throughout the United States. NEMSA is the only national independent EMS union in the United States. NEMSA prides itself on negotiating top-notch EMS contracts and the aggressive and fair representation of its members. EMS workers nationwide are drawn to NEMSA as an alternative to "big tent" unions that represent bus drivers, welders, cheese makers, government clerks, etc. NEMSA provides representation to EMS workers and support staff only and is 100% EMS. NEMSA can be found on the Internet at www.NEMSAUSA.org.